Google Panda update=$1Billion additional revenue to “BIG BOYS”

Google Panda update – the latest algorithm running Google USA(  from last month, which ruined some business and gained a huge for some big online publishing brands.Some sites got a huge boost on Panda update like  NY times,Cnn etc.A confirmed news on,-The Online Publishers Association, a group of content producers will get additional $1Billion annual revenue  by the the Google Panda algo update!

Google’s panda update   make “Big Boys” more  “BIG” but harms  enormously to the small business websites,real information providers..its becoming incredible!Few websites like: customer review website , a publisher of laptop repair how-to books and owner of the site got affected.Like if you are carpenter/plumber you are maintaining your website for years and providing a great tips for years,people having great trust on you,you could be downgraded by Panda…why?Because you have a solid content base  and several scrappers ..scratched your contents for years….is it reasonable?If is punished then what about Ehow?If Google cant identify the content origination then they should not count penalty randomly…without considering  few authority websites!People loosing their business,badly effected by Panda: but the thing is nobody is getting any feed back from G,and they are silent on the Panda update not even Matt Cutts…this is not expected from a company like Google.If you see the Google’s webmasters discussion forum you can find some medical research publisher got stuck…just imagine!

At the end  if “Google treat algorithm that way then people will be afraid to produce solid contents because if some one steal your content and awarded and you could be negatively affected”-Just a jokes a part!Lets see how panda fix the issues and produce the original contents on SERP not duped or scratched!And one thing is remarkable from this update..which is increasing the Click through rate,  for any online business which is significant improvements..and cheers to panda.Big “G” should run the additional layer with this algo before people out ranked from online business!Look at the funny video of Panda update,also published in State of Search


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