Yahoo introduces Search Direct for new dimension in search engine!

Yahoo introduces search direct feature as a beta version .Yahoo says its different technology they are using to provide search direct.While I read the story on search engine land,I was amazed by reading this and get into the new feature…honestly if this search version works properly, then this is the thing what I am looking for years on Google…while I type any question or query I need the direct answer short cut and search direct seems that much similar….

I made some test to compare with Google instant search With this new feature search direct of Yahoo search,I saw that Google is doing  much better at least at this stage rather than search direct…take a look:

This similar search I have done on Yahoo search direct(Beta), where I got absolutely nothing…

But I was amazed by Yahoo search direct while I did another test for query “8th president of the United States”

But I got in Google…By that I am much more impressed and got more desired result from Yahoo search direct…where I got the result faster than Google and at a glance…Hope it will work much much better than Google instant to some specific queries like weather,game scores etc..while it release the full version…. For years,people seeking the direct answer from search engines with out checking  hundreds of   relevant links and to get the quick answer at a glance and hoping search direct near to that feature…if that works correctly Yahoo search definitely get a boost to some extend and users can save there valuable time…


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