Social reviews on Goolgle Local search :New thought of optimization!

Google introduces place basis local search module from yesterday itself.If we take a close look we can see Google is giving preference, how many user review you have or your business have!

Thats the point where we have to think when we will try initiate our local search optimization module for our websites,we saw Google is seeing how many reviews you have or your business have on,,, etc.

So, in case of local search we have to re-think on our optimization method and if I am not wrong near future Google will count Twitter followers, Facebook fans , like buttons while they fix SERP.We know already that in Global search we need to move with social signals along with the other linking modules, but this time local search comes to this arena.


Local Search:Google comes with a modified result for Local Search

Google comes with new dimension of local search module named “place search”.With this new search module local business man will more benefited, those who are looking for local business from Google and Local search.

Google will add another button on the left panel along with other buttons named “Places”  but the interesting part is while Google think that a user looking for a local results or local information Google automatically turn on the Local place search,that will display with different local business, website and relevant information along with “red pin mark”(like Google maps), along with that you can read the reviews on different websites like,, will provide such websites or places those have good reviews and those who are so important according to your search query.

Google dynamically connecting hundreds of millions of websites with more than 50 million real-world locations.

“We’ve made results like this possible by developing technology to better understand places,” explains Product Manager Jackie Bavaro. “With Place Search, we’re dynamically connecting hundreds of millions of websites with more than 50 million real-world locations. We automatically identify when sites are talking about physical places and cluster links even when they don’t provide addresses and use different names (‘stubb’s bbq’ is the same as ‘stubbs bar-b-que’).”

“One of the great things about our approach is that it makes it easier to find a comprehensive view of each place,” adds Bavaro. “In our new layout you’ll find many more relevant links on a single results page—often 30 or 40. Instead of doing eight or 10 searches, often you’ll get to the sites you’re looking for with just one search. In our testing Place Search saves people an average of two seconds on searches for local information.”

With this new search result technology user will get geographical location basis help,while you are using the mobile devices to looking for new local information it will save the user finding there appropriate query and serve that with accuracy.

Though this search result is not available for now, but you can take a look at the Google stand point with this new feature by clicking this special link .


Yahoo answering:A good way to promote your website!

Yahoo answering  a good way to promote your website or brand this days.If you are a close observer then you know that all the search engines showing as a search result of  yahoo answer thread.We saw this search effects from last year or so but last couple of months its becoming huge, that means Google,Yahoo and Bing is giving such preference those who are using Yahoo answering.

Question:Why Search engine gives more preference to Yahoo answering?

The simple answer is search engine trying to produce much more practical, common peoples thought and social networks effect on search result, to give the users more quality and useful results.

Yahoo already introduces the mobile version of yahoo answering, so its quite simple while you do yahoo answering in a fashionable,easiest manner. While you do yahoo answering your website or product or your services are emphasized with yahoo answer readers which is a brand endorsement.But you should keep in mind your answer should be informative and accurate.

There is some points segment on Yahoo answering ie;

  • Answer a Question = 2 points
  • Log in to Yahoo! Answers Once Daily = 1 point
  • Vote for an Answer = 1 point
  • Get voted as “Best Answer” = 10 points

So there is all ways a scope to showcase your expertise and your services.Also by that you will get targeted audience those who are specifically looking a for a solution, you could be the winner and your brand get the endorsements.

So, keep participating Yahoo Question and Answering!


Contextual Link Building:a strong backlinking method.

Contextual Link Building is becoming more popular and trendy way to make  quality back links for your website.Google, Yahoo, Bing each and every major search engines likes links from the same relevant content.If you you can embed your links from the contents of different websites then it will be more than effective rather than any links this days.

Some way to make contextual links:

1.Making embedded contextual links from the relevant high pr websites specially among the content portion of the websites

2.Making embedded contextual links from the relevant high pr blogs specially among the content portion of the blogs

3.Embedded links from relevant articles websites, by posting your article and just embed your links.

4.Embed your text links from various high quality Press Release and News publication websites

5.Make forum thread post by embedding your text links on the thread content.

6.Make relevant blog comments and make sensible use full comments by embedding your website links, be careful for that otherwise blog moderator can flag you spam.

7.Try to make all the embedded links  from do-follow websites, blogs and forums.

If you process this method not only you will get huge boost on SERP but also you can attract decent number of direct traffic.

Are you making your website for Television?

Are you making your website for audio, video media yet?If not its time for that.Because if you have brand which represents a brand product or services but you are not visible on search engine TV channels then your marketing strategy is incomplete.You should work on that.

All ready we all know that Google introduces the Google tv channel which is fully web browser supported on TV.Google it self is talking about you need make your website TV compatible and need to do optimization for TV.

“Because Google TV has a fully functioning web browser built in, users can easily visit your site from their TV,” says Google Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye. “Current sites should already work, but you may want to provide your users with an enhanced TV experience — what’s called the ’10-foot UI’ (user interface). They’ll be several feet away from the screen, not several inches away, and rather than a mouse on their desktop, they’ll have a remote with a keyboard and a pointing device.”

Also we all aware about that fact Yahoo will introduce there TV channel very soon and all ready they announced it officially.So TV is direct communication system to your targeted audience or customers we should me more re-productive on digital media through our web presence.So let move on for TV optimization and build your website TV compatible.

Domain name is essential for Organic Search?

When we choose a domain name for  organic search we  find how much relevant it is, because Google, Bing and Yahoo always giving the first preference to those domains which are mostly look like the key phrase, but besides that way  we found lots of use less domains for some essential key phrases but they are not so much valuable like the others, but still they are getting benefit though they dont have such seo status.

According to me, I think Google, Yahoo and Bing should be more strict on domain name preference specially those who enough credibility to compete with there other solid competitors.I found lots of popular domain name those are getting benefit rather than other valuable competitors only because they have relevant key phrase on that domain. That should be taken care by the search engines.

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