Hi,This is Anirban Das , a Computer Engineer & Online Marketing(SEO,SEM,Link Building & Social Media Marketing) strategist.Now I am working with a web based agency named Zebra Techies here in my home town Calcutta/kolkata,India.Zebra Techies a sole entrepreneurship agency of mine.

I am doing Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing since 2006, from my  Engineering college days.My goal is to give my client hundred percent satisfaction….!From last year onwards me and my colleagues are much more focused on social media marketing besides search engines.All of my stuff are educated from finest technical institute of India and qualified techies (engineers),I feel proud for them.

Hope my blog will give you some idea and tips which is happening across the world at online marketing field.For any query call me directly(+91-9804210198 OR Skype me:semseoanalyst).I would be happy to help you…



Anirban Das,B-Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)

Owner & Founder of Zebra Techies




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