Google algorithm change : losers and winners.

Google made algorithm change last Thursday, which creates huge impact on SERP.Most of big and websites which doing pretty well since 2005, got huge rank fall on Google.We got good impact on SERP after Mayday update, but this change becoming drastic for some big websites,now the thing is Google is showing pure results by this latest algo?My personal opinion is scrappers sites and blogs still doing well for some cases and original sites going down on SERP?Is that algo change is justified engineering so far?Lots of questions comes but the answer is keep patience and watch the Google’s movement.Another  cruel part of this algo is some people will loose their job or some might get pink slip.Hope Google will balance everything…

Now the question comes from SISTRIX who are the loosers:

# Domain Change SISTRIX (before) SISTRIX (after) # KWs (before) # KWs (after)
1 -77% 121,58 28,22 74.024 21.940
2 -90% 65,08 6,65 184.508 54.277
3 -94% 54,04 3,28 178.373 36.904
4 -87% 55,16 7,40 152.998 50.178
5 -85% 43,25 6,55 86.472 24.423
6 -93% 38,29 2,57 216.429 53.512
7 -90% 30,26 3,01 42.486 7.992
8 -91% 25,73 2,32 27.501 7.459
9 -80% 28,78 5,83 62.034 36.167
10 -91% 24,88 2,18 26.000 9.799
11 -83% 25,75 4,28 49.544 17.833
12 -94% 19,96 1,16 82.274 31.365
13 -84% 21,20 3,39 33.222 7.601
14 -84% 20,49 3,23 33.875 9.740
15 -93% 17,24 1,13 21.556 4.813
16 -77% 20,89 4,90 23.256 6.870
17 -85% 18,43 2,67 93.347 34.681
18 -83% 18,95 3,27 74.506 45.495
19 -90% 16,98 1,74 64.810 20.189
20 -91% 16,52 1,46 33.648 11.142
21 -89% 16,83 1,79 37.364 16.268
22 -91% 12,93 1,11 67.314 26.054
23 -87% 12,05 1,62 38.346 8.511
24 -79% 10,54 2,19 70.781 31.272
25 -88% 8,86 1,08 16.457 6.034

We can see, the site got huge impact on SERP  who used scratch contents and content firms….but if this the point then what about eHow, eHow still wins the game.?Another question coming if some one is distributing his articles to other websites is it a penalty?If yes why this will be counted as penalty where the original content owner is distributing or syndicating his own get the link back from the website and additional visitors from that particular website..Hope Google will identify which one is distributed by the original owner which one by the scrapper just to get link back..

Few winners are from SEO Book author AAron Wall:

Another question arises is Google is biased for the big brands for this algo?If you see the changes Associated Content is one strong looser where a point comes on Wepronews this one run by Yahoo.Another important part was:Bing Engineer Accuses Google Of Profiting Off Search Spam, so it was debated that Google need more better results.

Now, we need to figure out whats Google’s direction for latest algorithm that a Big online retailer’s to a small website owner get benefit from it, make them profitable.


Google confirms the algorithm change!

Last night we saw a major changes on SERP, and after that Google confirmed that they made a change on algorithm,Google claims they are trying to sort out less spam results.On the blog post Google Say’s “Many of the changes we make are so subtle that very few people notice them. But in the last day or so we launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking—a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of our queries—and we wanted to let people know what’s going on. This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”

The site algorithm is basically working for high quality contents and paid links that effects   on SERP huge, Search Engine Land author Danny Sullivan states this changes a Scraper update.By doing this changes lots of site traffic is going down and few are getting higher impact on SERP.

Besides that Google is taking action against the paid links once again , just like  got a penalty to  making a links which is violation of Google guide lines…a pulished new on Wall Street Journal.Just like got a penalty for selling links and PageRank and again a got a notice from Google  where Google “encouraging” Forbes to remove the links “that could be intended to manipulate PageRank.”


Irrelevant links can penalize your website!

While we are making back  links for our website, we should concern about the fact that we are making only industry relevant links or it can be penalized by the Google.As we know Google is very particular with relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness.While we make plans about our search engine promotions and back linking strategy we should more focused on link relevancy, it should not hamper either any way  Google guidelines.

I am pulling this topic once again:why?The reason is JC penny got penalized by making irrelevant and black hat link schemes, by this month and Matt cutt clearly tweet about the facts and Google has made some algorithmic changes on January(Not confirmed from Google yet).

So we should aware about the fact weather Google is counting us as Black hat links or not?To ignore this type of  penalization, we should follow the Google guidelines and where relevancy is one major factor.So while you are making any links  like, forum, directory, articles or book marking or high PR web 2.o links from competitors websites, you should maintain your relevancy, that it looks natural more organic.Another point that should not use any automated link generation schemes like,ie; unlimited blog comments,forums posting or directory submissions by using automated software,generate those links manually,because Google algorithm is intelligent enough to catch that weather its automated or manual/organic.

Make those links which cant generate a organic search effects by maintaining the relevancy and follow Google guidelines to avoid unnecessary penalization or bad reputation just like Jc penny got make sure your SEO provider is educated enough to make your link building strategy.

Mobile version of a website create duplicate content issue for Google?

Here is a great question on Matt Cutt’s desk is “Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?”And this question turns on our queries on mobi SEO because duplicate content is sure penalization for Google ranking algorithm.While we do any mobi seo , we should aware about the fact, weather this page having any duplicate content or not.

According to  Matt Cutt  that if we use and different url version of  our website like: having mobi version:, thats good practice for mobile website of regular website.Google bot having user agent crawls the mobi websites by which  Google bot understand that its  mobi version of main website, that will not considered as duplicate content.

Another point that can hamper the Mobile SEO which is cloaking.So make sure we should not use cloaking methodology while we optimize our regular and mobi web.

Title Tag: How much importent for SEO?

To make a perfect on page optimization  title tag plays a major key role.Some time we get confused how to implement  title tag for our web pages and how much beneficial it is for  search engine visibility.Perfect  title tag creation is a good SEO practice.

Now come to the point what is  title tag?Title tag which describe the page definition which we use to see top of the internet browsers.Like:

Now  we have to know that what is the specification and guidelines to create the a meta title.

  • Title tag should not cross 100 characters
  • Title tag used for 8 to 9 key phrases(depends on size of key phrases,spaces are countable)
  • Ignore same title repeating,you can use plurals(but suggested specified keyword rich inner pages)

How its effect on search engines?Most of the major search engine follow  title tag and emphasize to fix the ranks and determine the page value.If your targeted key phrase is “online schools”, you can put it on  title tag portion for specified landing pages, to get the best results…How we see the meta title on the search engines?

So the fact is while we create any website, search engine friendly we should make a proper  title tag to get the best SERP with corresponding search terms.

Effective SEO results?Answer is keep patience.

“Organic SEO” ?We  know which is most effective and affordable and major online marketing strategy.But while  we are planning for any Organic SEO campaign, we should aware about few facts.The major fact is “Organic SEO” need some time promote your website and turn into a effective marketing channel.

The working method of Organic SEO is slow but it becomes most effective one.Other marketing strategies Like a national TV advertisement will effect day after advertisements but in terms of Organic SEO its  completely different concept.Some times We  hear from our clients that “I am running the SEO campaign for one month and still didnt see my website on first page on Google “, but the interesting fact is while we explain them the Organic SEO services , how it works, how much time it will take to  effect to maximize  search engine visibility, then they realize and get their answers.Now the question comes in mind why Organic SEO need time bring you the best  ranking.The answer is while we optimize our website for organic ranking on  search engines with proper  methodology, it depends on few facts like: Domain age of you website, contents of your website, page reviews,visitors bounce rate, search engine robot indexing and how many back links are indexed by the Google.The important part while we generate the links for the  website it  takes time get indexed by the Google or other major search engines, some times  a link even indexed after one year, but most of the links generally takes time get indexed by the Google three to six months, so while we gain enough no of of indexed links for your website we will automatically move into the first page of the Google, this is the natural process.The time consumption depends on how much competitive keyword we are targeting on search engines, if we are working with few first degree key phrases some time get ranks even after five months and few less-competitive keywords get ranked  within two weeks or one months, so every thing depends on the competition and the link indexing.

To get a best  Organic SEO result for your business ,you should understand the process and keep your patience with out any hesitation and make trust with your SEO provider.Because Organic SEO will not give you instant impact on your marketing, but it will create a huge long time benefit.

Long tail keyword optimization:simple way to get targeted search engine traffic!

While we make budget for  Search Engine Optimization or marketing for our business, some times we cant afford the budget,because the costing for high search volume First Degree key phrases, because more competitive keyword equals ,you have to pay more to get the the strong back links  to get the rank.But there is few solutions to cut your budget which suits your pocket and get the targeted search engine traffic to your website one is Long tail keyword optimization policy and another one local search term optimization.

Here is some story behind the long tail keyword optimization:

While you choose your keywords for long tails keyword optimization do some keyword research(using free Google keyword research tool or any other reliable and reputed  keyword research tool)  and then get into the search volume and generate that.Try to finalize more than 100 long tail keywords, according to the search volume.Then create solid contents/articles based with those long tail keywords and update your website.The more content or article with based on long tails keyword enhance the SERP and which generates the most of the search engine traffic…here is graphical presentation on seochat for long tail keyword traffic:

So, that graph clearly indicate that most of the traffic is generated from the long tails keywords, so while we put any articles or content  by using proper meta tags on our website or blog that encourage our long tail keyword optimization strategy.For an example a truck driving company can get into the long tail  keyword like “trucking companies that train drivers“, where search volume is decent but competition is less on Google.

Another strong point to check your Google analytics account and go through with traffic source and choose any search engine and take look for which long tail keywords brings you the traffic, and if you are not well ranked for that keyword but still you are getting traffic , then make some links and get the rank for that specific long tail search term and get most of the visitors.

Most important part , it will not give you high costing, the thing you need to in corporate is create long tail keyword specific content and make few links and get the rank and maximize your search engine visibility.