Insights of “no-follow” and “do-follow” backlinks for organic SEO.

Early 2006 to till the date, there is a   huge debate on counting performance for no-follow and do-follow backlinks for SERP algorithm. Now the point is why I am pulling the topic once again?The simple reason is while Google confirms they are calculating 200 signals with 50 variations for their SERP algorithm and Social networks signals playing a one of the vital role!

The concept for the specification of the attribute value nofollow was designed by Google’s head of webspam team Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen from in 2005. Question:What is “no-follow” links?The nofollow attribute value is not meant for blocking access to content, or for preventing content to be indexed by search engines. The proper methods for blocking search engine spiders from accessing content on a website or for preventing them from including the content of a page in their index are the Robots Exclusion Standard (robots.txt) for blocking access and on-page Meta Elements that are designed to specify on an individual page level what a search engine spider should or should not do with the content of the crawled page.


<a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>book stores</a>

So no-follow links basically introduced by the Google and to reduce the spammers from the blogs and if some one do-not use
no-follow for out bound linking then the Google PageRank(In the general case, the PageRank value for any page u can be expressed as:

i.e. the PageRank value for a page u is dependent on the PageRank values for each page v out of the set Bu (this set contains all pages linking to page u), divided by the number L(v) of links from page v.) will be passed to the linking website.

Sow the points comes that how much important is PageRank for ranking algorithm? If you think about Google still high PageRank and relevant natural links are most power full one for SERP algorithm.But when  Google officially confirms that Google is counting social networking links for SERP algorithm(though we all know from the beginning of 2010 Google is looking for social network links specially Twitter accounts and tweets!)

We  know all the social networking links are no-follow links; though think about that Google is still counting..that means Google give a good weightage for “no-follow” links.
Another point we can see that guest blog links(author bio),blog comment links are (most of them) are “no-follow” but Search engines calculate that for SERP.So for SERP algorithm valuable “no-follow” links are one of the parameter for Google and Bing specially.
When we are getting links from a valuable  valuable website and that might be “no-follow” all the search engines giving a preference for search engine ranking algorithm and its proven that if  you are linking to valuable “no-follow” links much better than less valuable do-follow links.

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Google will be more strong in terms of cloaking!

Google will be more advanced in the first quarter of 2011.27th December Matt Cutts confirms on his tweet the issue.So this time cloakers should be aware about the fact.This time Google will reduce much more negativity effects on SERP algorithm updates..

Now a question can arise what is cloaking? “Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different content or URLs to users and search engines. Serving up different results based on user agent may cause your site to be perceived as deceptive and removed from the Google index.” You can find more information on Cloaking here.Google all ways suggested that avoid cloaking.Cloaking is some thing you are faking to your visitors and search engine robots in a sentence…mostly it is used by black hat marketer’s!

Now the question arise will what will be Google step to reduce the false positivity for effective cloaking identification?Well for that we have to wait and see how Google acts on that issues!

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Google News incorporate “Follow News” Button

Google news introduced a cool feature that is Follow News button with every news search result.Which is one of the the great feature for the Google news readers!While you search any news on Google news, it will automatically display the button, while you click on it it will be added on your book marking link and you can customize your Google news page by different news.

By that a reader dont have to search all the time for his favorite news, and Google news will be more compatible and user defined…

Bing shows your Facebook friend’s recommendation.

Search engine are getting much more social recent days.Now you can find much more social results on Bing search results.Recently Bing has introduced on feature where a user can see the Facebook “like” for his search query from his Facebook friends.That signifies that a user can view his social recommendation for his search.Bing Says “Over the last several weeks, we introduced the new “Liked” results feature that uses the basis of your query to surmise your intent and surface relevant stories or websites that your friends on Facebook have liked with a nice answer, called out somewhere on the page. For instance, if I search for “Bistro Cuisine, Seattle” and my friend has liked “Stumbling Goat Restaurant in Seattle” it will show as a liked result based on the fact that my friend has pressed the “Like” button on this business listing on Citysearch.
Starting today, if your search results include a specific link that has also been “liked” by someone in your Facebook network the link will be highlighted as “Liked” within Bing. This gets especially interesting for a query like “Xbox” where my friend “Liked” the “Kinect” site and while our algorithms didn’t feel it was relevant enough to make it the ‘answer’ we reference above, we are still able to indicate that my friend liked that link that happened to show up within the results.

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Article Marketing and it’s effects on SEO.

Articles are essential for web marketing day by day..If you want to reach more and more people with your service products and latest offer’s with a tight economic budget, then article writing and syndication is right tool for you!

We know all the search engines specially Google always looking for good,fresh and informative contents to improve their search quality.If you have business website and you are maintaining one blog with website that is great thing to emphasize your SEO effort.If you take a close look , to most top Organic SEO rated website maintain their blog or they are updating their website with fresh content very often, that’s maximize SEO and online marketing effort.Now the question comes in mind what points should we keep in mind while we create article and how we market those article?

#Maintain a blog associate with your website and update that blog at least once in a week or you can update your website with fresh contents or articles.

#When your write your article its TITLE should be keyword reach and effective one.Do not choose random TITLE, do little keyword research before fix it.

#Every article’s keyword density is good part for SEO, make keyword rich article, personally I like maximum 4% keyword density of article.

#Article’s should be easy to read and understandable and informative

#Your article should  have 400 to 500 words on it.

#Use content sharing buttons for every article from different social networking and social bookmarking website, specially Twitter,Facebook,Linked In,Digg,Delicious,Reddit,Stumble Upon.Use Facebook “like” button for every articles.

Now we come to this point how we can turn those articles for marketing  and effective organic SEO?When you update blog or website very often , within few days Google will take on first crawling advantages and you will find your blog or content on “real time search“, which is great part for search engine results.After creating of your article you can syndicate it with different article sharing websites, and you can tag your website with your targeted keyword.While you share article you can use on link on the body and another one on Author bio portion, which will generate click through rate of your website and valuable contextual links for your website.

I am sharing one example how can you do that:

Some article directories may not allow you to use links on the body, so before share your article to those sites read the rules before sharing, but still most of the article sharing website will allow you share one link on author bio portion, which is valuable as well(though no-follow,still it works!)Do not use any automated software, syndicate your article, according to Google if they find such activity it will penalize your website.Read Google guidelines with that.

Also share your articles  to major social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,Linked In,stumble upon etc, it will help your grow your website.

Some good article sharing website are:

Keep updated your website and syndicate your content, that will maximize your online marketing and SEO effort.

Yahoo leverage local search for Mobi users!

After Google’s “place search” addition to its local search,now its turn for Yahoo.Yahoo going to introduce local search for mobile users.Though its in beta version and  you can get the most relevant local data from this search.

Yahoo is trying to provide best local search result.Irv Henderson, Vice President of Product Management for Yahoo Mobile and Connected Devices says that top features will be

“Top features include:

  • Local News and Information – delivering relevant hyper-local neighborhood and city content created by the community, local publishers, and Yahoo! editors as well as content from the best local blogs and newspapers
  • Saving Money in Your Area – we’re integrating our recently launched Local Offers program to deliver the best locally relevant offers from nearby spas, restaurants and retailers so you save cash while you support local businesses
  • Powerful Technology – our geo-informatics and content enrichment platforms identify and geo-tag every news story that appears on every page down to the neighborhood level”

Lets we have to wait & see that how much better and refined local search result we will get.The new Yahoo local search for mobi devices in introduced for 30 neighborhoods only in the U.S., including San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, NY as well as Birmingham, Ferndale, and Royal Oak in Michigan.

You can take trial from your PC or mobi devices here :

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Google Local search working method.

Google introduce local place search for some times and its helping the local business pretty well,if you can use this feature properly.Google speaks little bit about, how local search works.On  Lat long blog post states some methods.Where Google product Manager Jeremy Sussman gave some hints .

“Say you’re in Union Square in New York City, and you want to find a nearby coffee shop, so you go to Google and type in ‘coffee shops in Union Square, NYC’. You’ll find a list of just what you typed in – local coffee shops near Union Square with all the basic information you would expect to find, such as name, address, and phone number, and if they exist, you’ll also find reviews, ratings, and links to other relevant resources,” he explains. “These organic listings are free to both the user and the business. We give you the best results we can find.”

“Now, there are a variety of relevance factors Google uses to match or answer your search query, in this case, locating coffee shops near Union Square. Three of the key factors are: relevance, prominence, and distance,” he continues. “Relevance is showing you only coffee shops and not unrelated businesses such as retailers, dry cleaners, and so on. Prominence is determined by how well known or prominent certain coffee shops are, based on sources across the web. Distance is easy. We calculate how far each coffee shop is from Union Square. And if you don’t specify Union Square in your search, we’ll show you coffee shops based on your general location.”

Also we can found Jeremy speaks about Google Hotpot recommendation will effect on Google place search results.As we know “Hotpot – Google’s new local recommendation engine based on ratings from you and your friends – can definitely affect the ranking of the local businesses you see in your organic search results.”

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