Google search more refined interms of spam results!

Google’s results is less than half what it was five years ago as stated by Matt Cutt, in terms of English-language spam.. Google reduces the  spam results specially for English websites from the search results.We can see lots search effects from the caffiene update, and its being doing more refined and effective for users.

For the time being refined mainly highlighted on two points one is using automated or content firms content to promote your website and another one is reduce the hacked site from the search results.For highly keyword rich web content is pure spam.On his blog post Matt says “As we’ve increased both our size and freshness in recent months, we’ve naturally indexed a lot of good content and some spam as well. To respond to that challenge, we recently launched a redesigned document-level classifier that makes it harder for spammy on-page content to rank highly. The new classifier is better at detecting spam on individual web pages, e.g., repeated spammy words—the sort of phrases you tend to see in junky, automated, self-promoting blog comments. We’ve also radically improved our ability to detect hacked sites, which were a major source of spam in 2010. And we’re evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content.”

From this we should have more focus to create valuable content for our web and that should be human edited less keyword centric and informative one to get better SERP.Another strong point which I am considering the link quality which we are making, it should comes from the quality content rich websites.Also we should not apply any automated,self  blog comments to make the link,it could be dangerous for SERP

Google claims that  its producing more effective results but some how Google is still indexing the spam results  and  its still producing the fake results, here is great example on seomoz .Now we have to wait and see that how Google re-act on content farms and spammy blog commenting.Where as Google is more bound to terms of relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness for SERP.


Empower your web content to leverage your SEO strategy!

After Google’s MayDay update, everyone noticed one fact that “content” is one of the important part to get your website SEO perfect.In a word if quality links is the King then Content is Queen for Search Engine Ranking(specially Google) algorithm.Now the points comes across that what type of content we should create while we are much concerned about our SEO strategy?

While we care our website content we should focused on some specific points like:productive,informative,unique,fresh,relevant and human edited contents.If cross check most of the Top ranking website on Google, we can find that most of them having a good content strategy besides a powerful linkage enhancement campaign.Now point comes how we can create a effective content?

  • Create specific keyword rich landing page having a enough content bound to that relevant product/service page.
  • Update your website with special occasional period like new years eve,valentines day,Mothers day, woman’s day,Christ mas offers.
  • While you update any content page or upload any new content you should edit the meta tags of the page(essential part).
  • While you launch any new product or new services , that gives you chance to create fresh content of it.
  • Also you can upload your content with pdf or doc file on your web,which enhance the content strategy.
  • Better to use a support blog, and update at least once in week with some fresh contents.Use your blog to write about tips,helps,news, events much more thing which leverage your content .
  • Add testimonials and user review section and obviously blog comment portion.
  • Encourage readers to write a review or comment about your post
  • Try to create easily understandable contents
  • Create a solid title of your page or content, that attracts most of viewers attention
  • Create sentence not more than 10 to 12 words
  • Create paragraphs/introduction for two to four lines
  • Before posting check the spelling of the contents.

What is the benefit of Content strategy?Few are:

  1. Google likes fresh content to empower your search engine ranking.
  2. Most important thing fresh and unique content enhance the long tail keyword optimization strategy, take a look what Matt Cutts speaks about that:
  3. Fresh content integration comes to Google’s real time search which privilege our SERP
  4. A good content can create link bait
  5. Another part is that it re-produce solid contextual links which is priceless!

To leverage our search engine optimization strategy , we should update our website frequently, with potential contents.Blog integration with your website, is another great part to enhance the strategy.

How do you/your business communicate with your Social Networks?

Social Media Marketing is a essential  key factor for today’s online  marketing world.But their is a BIG question how we are communicating or participating to social networks?Lots of people/business having thousands of Facbook friends/Fans,Twitter followers, Linked In followers, but due to their lack of social networking communication skill , they are losing a decent business from social media or social networks!

If you have  social media profile, which create a community and represents your business.So while we are entering on the social media we should utilize this valuable marketing tool in a proper manner.If we take a close look we can find common people do not like over-communication and under communication.We have to maintain the balance with out annoying/embarrass our social circle.

Here is few tips we can follow to make healthy & wealthy social networks:

  • Always actively participate on social networks
  • Communicate when some one becoming friend or fan,get introduced(please do not make a sells speech,it will bounce back!)
  • Ignore trash/Spam/Fake user from your network(better remove them to avoid unnecessary spam postings)
  • If some one having any problem and you can solve the issue, solve it.
  • Share informative/blogpost/video/image which is helpful to others.
  • Use like/re-tweet button if you like any comments(its a good felling to know someone likes your comments,use it)
  • If you are right with your decision/thought,you should speak directly in front of people
  • If someone in your networks having birthday or any special occasion wish them
  • Sportingly participate  on humerus thing(please make a balance!)
  • If you know some one is good on his profession promote them…
  • Talk about your profession and your in-depth knowledge
  • Speak if you have a good deal/offer(but please dont come up within a minute,its irritating)
  • Ask questions, see the response rate, its good part for communication
  • If you have something informative share it without hesitation
  • Share your success/winning moments
  • Dont act like trash user
  • Maintain the balance between over-communication and less-communication
  • Out of ten updates one could be effective promotional speech(10:1 ratio)

Do not ignore your social networks, it could be good recommendation for your brand and your business.Utilize the social media to your valuable marketing resource.Engage your brands to social media marketing for more business.


New improved Google search for music videos!

Google is showing video results since 2009 for search queries, what’s new on that?The interesting fact is that Google’s new search results shows the best video results for the search query, it will  display the youtube video link along with other major video sharing websites which are most relevant and obviously SERP algorithmically advanced!

So, we can see Google is recommending the other popular video channel links along with Youtube video links.On Friday blogpost Google speaks about this  Better results for music videos, where Google says “People often come to Google to find music videos, and this week we improved our results so now when you’re searching for your favorite band or album, you’ll find popular clips organized in a new way. For example, search for [michael jackson] and you’ll find some of the King of Pop’s most famous videos, including clear text indicating the length of the video, the album and the year it was published. The feature scans the entire web for video content and algorithmically ranks the best sources for each song. Rather than return repetitive links, we group results for the same song together, making it easier to scan and choose the song you’re looking for. Try searching for [green day], [maroon 5] or [beyonce] (for one of the best videos of all time!).”

The results signifies that another strong signal for Google SERP algorithm  is video liks, that should well distributed other popular video channels besides Youtube.Here is another post How to turn your Video as part of SEO effort.So its basic part that we should have a video presence for our valuable business website to qualify for good ranking on Google.And a good video presentation plays dual key role on for SEO and another for social media branding.

Social Media Marketing:Which sites you are using?

Social Media Marketing is an essential part of marketing strategies.Now we have to focus which social media we are getting most benefit?Obviously Twitter and Facebook plays major key role, but is that enough for the Social Media? I think we should think for other social networks besides Twitter & Facebook.

According to, is 10th and Facebook is 2nd website based on traffic estimates.But there is lots of other social media marketing channels which are productive one for social media marketing campaigns!Here is twitter and facebook traffic estimate graph from

Social Media Marketing can be classified with some categories like:

A]Social Networking Sites

B]Professional Newtroking sites

C]Video sharing sites/channels

D]Blogging sites

E]Image/Document sharing sites

F]Q/A sites + Forum

G]Social Book Marking sites

For Social Networking Sites the sites we are using:






6.Perf Spot


8.Four Square


Now come to the point Professional Networking sites we are using:





5.Entrepreneur Connect

6.Fast Pitch

7.Networking for Professionals




11.Live Person

Video sharing sites is great channel to for social media marketing which u can find here

Blogging sites:,,,

Now come to the point Image/Document sharing sites:




and for document we use:

DocStoc , Scribd , Slide share

For Question/Answering sites we are using:

1.Quora and

2.Yahoo answering


and the last but one of the Major Marketing part is social book marking sites which we are using(mainly for content distribution):

Last year stubmpleupon and reddit got huge boost on traffic with the other social networking sites…

So, according to the survey all social networking sites  got a huge boost on traffic on last year onwards and according to that we should incorporate the social media marketing strategy with our online marketing strategy.This year got best social media customer service award from Mashable..Another interesting story that me catch your attention on Seomoz by Rand Fiskin.

Another Good part of social Media marketing is forum participation which we are producing a good result for our clients .Hope our social media marketing strategy will help you grow your business and if you have  any other good resource which we are not using , please notify us for better performance…




Guest blogging a great way to promote your business.

“Business Promotion” is major part of any businesses.Several marketing channels and business promotion are available on the market,but which one is best in terms of cost and good methodology to reach maximum number of people?Today I am going stretch some facts about “guest blogging” which is a effective online marketing channel, with zero investment.

Basically two types of guest blogging are used A]Use guest blogger to your own blog B]Go to others blog and contribute as a guest blogger.

Some major benefits of guest blogging:

  • Guest blogging increase traffic to your website which possibly turn into potential customers!
  • Increase the PageRank as its pass the PR to your website from the hosting blog.
  • If you are sharing your content or writing for a average popular blog it stays on the home page for a long time which is great to attract more people to your writing.
  • If you allow guest to write on your business/personal blog , automatically you will be updated with a fresh content which allow you comes on the search engines with several queries,so it will boost traffic,fresh contents
  • Most of the blogs having their RSS feed subscribers , that way articles or your editorial voice will reach to the maximum people.
  • Guest blogging allow you introduce your self or your business, which enhance your reputation, your services or your products which is a great part.
  • Guest blogging allow you to grow your networks and community participation.
  • If your blogs are attached with social networking sites, you will get a huge boost by the social network sharing, interesting part is majority of the user who likes your “voice” share it to their own social circle and your  business will be promoted!
  • Guest blogging enhance your brand reputation
  • A great way for link building policy,guest blogging earns a good number of  no-follow and do-follow both links, which emphasize the SERP and the rank of the website!

Guest blogging is great tool for small businesses where people do not have so much budget but they have potential products and services, it allows to market their brand.Every blogs having their own guide lines to accept the guest blogger writings, so read the guidelines carefully while you are sharing your contents to other blogs and for your own blog you can create your own terms to accepting a guest writings!In a way guest blogging simplest way to promote your services or product or brand by your self (DIY marketing method).

Online Marketing Strategy?You should incorporate Social Media Marketing!

“Social Media Marketing” the word is getting huge attention on a recent time.From middle of 2008 we  started to talk about social media Branding, that’s becoming a huge part of discussion on end of 2010 and this year still going on!Now the questions arise why all the marketers are concerned about social media marketing and branding?The simple answer is “more business“.

Search Engines are still are the winner rather than any other online marketing channel but we can assume every marketer have to think beyond the search engines and need to hook their strategy on social media branding and marketing plans.If we see the research graph  from , we can see on 2008  those companies having head count 100 employees, involved in social media marketing is just 42% but 58% on 2009, 73% on 2010, 80% on 2011, and 88% on 2012.

And another interesting survey published on, the estimated budget for 2011 online marketing budget:take a look:

According to the survey, every online marketers are channelized to the social media marketing besides search engines and it will be No. third online marketing channel by this year.Now I am turning point to the DELL computers, how they are doing their business through online…its almost in 2009 Dell’s global reach on Twitter has resulted in more than $6.5 million in revenue and now its growing on..Now come to the point that our social media budget, though survey states that it will approx 38.3%, but my personal opinion this year it will be at least 25% of total online marketing budgets!Here on  Mashable , great story about social media ROI metrics .

Social Media is becoming more popular when Bing and Google confirms that they are counting social media networks links and their influences and among Bing 1000 ranking factors and Google 200 signals and every single signals having 50 variations(approx 10000), social networks  are one of them.

The online marketing strategies has to re define and emphasize on social media marketing for big companies like Dell to small companies like Sweet Life Sauce company has to move with social media active presence and another interesting facts are Social media marketing cost, which is much much less than so called costly Search Engine Marketing and amazingly it can bearable to small companies to Big!