Facebook “like” vs Google “PageRank” in terms of Internet Marketing

In world of internet marketing there is big question that which one will be bigger for online marketing Facebook “like” or so called traditional Google PageRank?Now a days Facebook “like” is becoming a huge part of discussion weather its a new parameter for measuring a web page value rather than the Google PageRank.

What is Facebook “Like”?The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website-Says Facebook Developers.

PageRank, a technology that determined the “importance” of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data. Today we use more than 200 signals, including PageRank, to order websites, and we update these algorithms on a weekly basis. For example, we offer personalized search results based on your web history and location.by Google . Where PageRank  plays authentication role for measuring a web page quality.But now a days scenario is little different, where people love to read those pages or those articles or topics where most people voted or recommended by the other reader.The common reason is most users dont know what is Google PageRank but they know the Facebook like button, where they can participate to gudge the quality of webpage or contents so their is opportunity to show their opinion in front of world and visualize others experience .I think which is great feature to analyze or judge in a more practical way…which is working like practical review.

In terms Google PageRank algorithm there is obstruction its fixed by the Google, where you cant express your view on that.Yes too some extent Google PageRank  algorithm supports on page views, time spending, comments,unique visitors such parameters, but all the criteria is fixed by the Google,important thing is most of the people are not aware about the PageRank.

SEO facts:In terms Google optimization PageRank is still is a winner,though Google is counting social networks signals.But for Bing and Yahoo you should aware about the fact they are counting Facebook “like” page links for their SERP algorithm.You can find some interesting points on that topic on webpronews.

And web page looks and content is vital keyrole to maximum “likes”.

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USA people goes to social media and internet for medical information,than online pharmacy

On a survey organized by Accenture, they found a important information for the online medical industry.92% people looks for medical helps or medical information to the medical website, medical advisory website, social networking sites online communities rather than pharmaceutical sites regular drug selling website.

“Pharmaceutical companies that embrace innovations such as social networking and communications via mobile devices and integrate and align their communication strategy across multiple channels will be positioned to have a much greater influence on their patients’ choices and consequently, realize significant increases in revenue, profitability and sustained competitive advantage,” said Tom Schwenger, global managing director for Accenture’s Life Sciences Sales & Marketing practice.

“The survey results clearly show that pharmaceutical companies must adopt a better understanding of their patient behavior through sophisticated analysis in order to fully capitalize on how patients interact with social media channels and websites,” said Schwenger.

“With only 11 percent of survey respondents saying they most often use a pharmaceutical company’s web site to seek information about an illness or condition when looking online, pharmaceutical companies have a tremendous opportunity to better connect with patients through multiple digital venues in addition to their own website.”

The survey states that 69% people expect that online pharmacy should provide relevant information about there disease and medical queries.

That trend makes a sense that consumers are more comfortable in other resources rather than pharmacy websites to purchase the medicine  or consultation, the reason is pharmacy website are not being well organized in terms of customer satisfaction.

What should do Online pharmacy stores:They should provide healthy information about their medicine, they should maintain a blog where they put there update about their medicine, provide relevant  information..mention what the side effects , what are the benefits etc.Also they should provide a online support where a buyer can get instant live chat support or expertise help while they are purchasing any medicine or looking for any information.They should be more visible to social networks where a comm0n people can address them quickly and in a more reliable way.

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How to make your online store more productive and trust worthy?

When common people looking for a product online or they trying to buy some thing online, they need some trust worthy websites or e-stores get hooked their product.If your e-store product cost $5 to $25, then you do not need worry so much to make trust factors for selling products online, but think about:if you are selling a digital camera , or LED tv or some Gold jewelery or some costly wrist watches…then?You should concern about winning the customers trust factors to make your website more productive and profitable.

The online -store or stores are getting much competitive, specially those who are involved in small business, where you need to work such factors where you can bit our competitors.

Website presentation:Your website should be well decorated and sophisticated in terms design according to your selling product, which attract the people and make such feeling they stay at the website and attractive navigation convert the traffic to the other product pages.

SEO Fact:As we no these days people use to buy much more products through online by using Google rather than any other marketing tool weather its social media or any other search engine like Bing or Yahoo, so we need to make our SEO perfect and we need to visible very often with our relevant product query through Google search, by coming again and again which creates a brand value and makes sense..that your website represents such brands thats why you are coming again and again on Google.

Try to optimize relevant landing page which is similar to your targeted search phrase which will increase the sell,according to survey. and technically that will reduce your bounce rate..which is good.

Shopping Cart:Your shopping cart should be 100% accurate and try to use reliable one.I use Magento these days which I like most.In shopping cart page While customer fill the form you should make Live chat button , emergency number,if any problem happens they can communicate you directly., these points make trusty feeling among the customers.

If you are selling a cheap product then your normal shopping cart is okay but if you are selling some valuable products then you should aware about the fact consumers should feel comfortable while they shop.

Other trust factors:If your e-store you some verification from some re-know company like Verisign,Trust e or secure server(https), those signs makes cosumer trust online

Social Networks:If you have strong presence across the online like Twitter, Facebook Linked In, that creates some trust values as well….ie if you have 5k followers in twitter, if you have 500followers on Facebook and you hundreds of fans of your e-store that will help to grow rather than your com,competitors.

Hope these information will help you turn your online business in solid ROI.

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Press Release creation and distribution:Good way for brand promotion.

These days while you market your website or market a new product you should focus on relevant content distribution specially news and press release which describes your brand properly.

While update a new information about your product in a news format and then distribute it on several PR channels on the web, the common user can easily find that from search engines or directly.If you are a online store keeper you can make a special offer news often and that can drive the targeted traffic to your website  and that increase the selling ratio as well.By syndicating your Press Release or news several websites, you will get bonus valuable links along with the unique visitors.

Take a look how people using the PR sites into conversion tools:

See the red marked lines which are used for generating links.

This type of contextual links are much more better than other crappy,shitty paid links it looks natural and effective to the search engines.

Some essential Press Release  sites are:
Prlog.org Requires ‘http://wwwYourSite.com’ link format        (1072 global, 757 US)

24-7pressrelease.com Free link in Contact Box                              (11,746 global, 5803 US)

1888pressrelease.com Free link in Contact Box                           (7650 global, 7475 US)

Pr-inside.com Allows Logo & requires ‘http://wwwYourSite.com’     (7901 global, 8788 US)

Onlineprnews.com Fully imbedded website    *Editors Top Choice!*         (11,239 global, 9297 US)

Beforeitsnews.com Allows Anchor text                              (21,883 global, 9501 US)

Pressreleasepoint.com Allow Hyperlinks                               (7379 global, 10,405 US)

i-newswire.com Posts within 1 business day                               (13,963 global, 14,363 US)

Release-news.com Submits to Google news, user friendly html menu *Editors Choice!*

Newswiretoday.com Very good Google search visibility                (22,576 global, 16,791 US)

Pr-usa.net <a href=’http://www.Site’>www.Site.com</a>      (23,813 global, 21,140 US)

Openpr.com Direct submit                                        (25,813 global, 33,585 US)

Clickpress.com (21,989 global, 35,963 US)

Pressabout.com (45,169 global, 49,422 US)

Hope this information will help you , try to implement Press Releases and promote it for better visitors.

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Google introduces “Instant Previews”

Google introduces the new feature named “Instant Previews”.By activation of this feature you will see a small magnifying glass button where you can image preview of your instant search results.It will be helpful for the common user who identify there targeted web from the preview it self without visiting the unwanted websites.

You can find more information on instant previews on Google Blog

Though feature is not available now, Google says it will be available shortly.

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People find more new product from Search Engines rather than Social Networks!

On a  survey organized by ATG on July,2010, latest trend has been disclosed where people find new product information from Search Engines rather than Social Networks.So its a good news for SEO and SEM, that still search engines are the winner for selling product online!

On this survey, they questioned and verified 1002 US online consumers where they find 53% people get the new product information from search engine , where 8% of people go for social networks!

You can get more information on this topic from Search Engine Land and copy of the study on ATG’s website.

Also from this case study proves that online stores and e-commerce websites should be more focused on Search Engine Marketing rather than social media…yes social media review is good counter part for buying a product but search engine trust is more healthy for selling a product.

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Now Google instant FOR smart phones.

Like Google instant is faster and predictive search method introduces by search giant by August, this year.But now the mobile version of Google instant on your pocket devices.

Google introduces a beta version og mobile Google instant for smart devices like Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) devices and iPhones and iPods running iOS 4 in the U.S. in English for Google.com.

Mobile instant is just same like the desktop version of Google, prediction, high efficient search suggestion and  much more quick search results etc.Read more about this on Google blog.

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