Facebook “like” replaced by Google’s new social “+1” recommendation?

Google introduces “+1”  recommendation for the entire web, which displayed on Google results just like Facebook used like buttons to measure a website quality.Weather a adsense ads to Google organic results Google introduced the “+1” button on Google.com.

Google “+1” is something which bring you the kind of voting or recommendation facility to the users.If you are log in to the Google account/profile you can participate or authenticate  hit the “+1” button and your recommendation will be displayed on Google search.What is Google +1 recommendation?Google says “Use +1 to give something your public stamp of approval, so friends, contacts, and others can find the best stuff when they search. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results.”Google is becoming more and more social and its huge signal for future search.Google have to move with social reliability and voting modulation besides Google PageRank formulation, the reason, PageRank factor decided  by Google ,but where user cant participate to authenticate the PageRank, so “+1” could be solution be a good solution.How  “+1” button works  here is the guide video




You can see your “+1” recommendation here on your Google profile:Can you use +1 button for even Google ads?Google says yes:

So from today onwards we will see another button will be incorporated for every well concerned web pages that is +1 button from Google besides the Facebook “like” and Twitters “Tweet” Danny Sullivan of search engine land wrote amazing article on the topic.Another social sharing button will in corporate the web:Social links is providing a valuation to the online users and to prove a website is valuable to the people, social presence plays vital role and search engine need need to incorporate some solid social signals to the ranking algorithm to prove a website valuable or not.Google is moving towards that direction and Google profile could be BIG competitor threat for Facebook, and Google footprints to much prominent on social network path.

Now we have to wait and see how Google +1 button effects the entire web world in terms of popularity,social networking and ranking signals.Lets see how Google take on Facebook that way or how Facebook fight back with this Social plug ins…..



Google becoming more social?

Google becoming more and more social.For last two years  Google showing the tweets as search results but now its becoming more social bound too some extend.From Last year onwards we are seeing Google showing the “social circle” on SERP if we logged into the Google account,though its just a beta version.

On social search Google displays contents,videos,images from your social circle.Suppose you are looking for good Chinese restaurants on Google,and one of your Facebook/twitter friend liked/tweets about any Chinese restaurants then Google will share that FB likes/Tweets on result page.

Now the question rise why Google becoming social?The simple thing is user like to get recommendation from his friend instead of robotic results, that is much more proven and reliable to go with . Today’s world social engagement is a major part on the web,finding a job to finding restaurants ..people likes the social engagements.Google, already integrated with all the major social networking databases(Twitter,Facebook etc) to show the social effects on search results.Even after Google panda update for any long term question Google is showing the Forum discussion threads on relevant topics,which is another big spot for social engagement(though few search result threads are too much back dated,which is horrible part of panda update).Google Reader all ready working as social channel.Take a look how Google social search works:

Google social search results will be much more popular  in future for near future and people love to take on full version of  social search.

How do you identify back links quality?

While you are placing or suppose to making back  links for your website,you should  be enough qualified to judge the linking page quality.Their is a huge clause and references are available on the web to make perfect links for your website and give you the best results to bring you most targeted traffic as well pass the link juice.

But while you are placing your links or making your links  their is some  specific guidelines but among them personally I like few out of them,today I am sharing those :

1.Google PageRank: PageRank is  main criteria while you are making links for Google ranking. More PageRank links,more value for your website.Install Google tool bar to measure the PageRank.While you place your links or Pr1 out 10 scoring point, then this link will carry a link juice,traffic and PageRank which is backbone of Google algorithm even for Latest Panda Algorithm.

2.Relevancy:While you are placing the links you should be careful enough that linking page is almost relevant to your industry.Relevancy is one of the major part on Google guidelines.

3.Link Trust:The linking page should have enough trust on web, that page should have decent no of trust worthy inbound links to establish himself a trust worthy page.

4.Domain Authority: Domain authority is another big factor from my point of view, which absolutely depends on the Domain age,domain name,domain consistency,Pagerank,In bound links,quality content.Try to avoid those links which dont have enough domain authority and made for only link selling purpose.

5.Out Bound Links:Always choose less no. of  OBL pages, the reason is more PageRank juice and traffic resource.

6.Cache: Check how often the linking page is cached by the Google bot, which is significant criteria for good links,more frequent cache, is positive sign from Google.

7.Alexa Rank:If you are focused on targeted traffic on your same industry from the linking website, then you should check the Alexa stat,how close rank its holding, that will give you traffic estimation of linking page.Install Alexa tool bar to your browser for quick view(Alexa rank based on there own crawling/parameters,as a free tool its good)

8.Content:Another vital issues for latest Panda algorithm is while you are placing the links, check the link page having any dupe content or not,if it cross the risk level then ignore it to avoid unnecessary penalty.Use copyscape.com to check the duplicate content issues.

Here are the few basic points I use to follow generally, and in between you can use some tools to justify the linking page quality I use seomoz link scape and majestic SEO,personally I liked their metrics, specially mozRank and MozTrust is valuable to jsutify link quality.Some points from Google about Link schemes:http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=66356

Google Panda update=$1Billion additional revenue to “BIG BOYS”

Google Panda update – the latest algorithm running Google USA(Google.com)  from last month, which ruined some business and gained a huge for some big online publishing brands.Some sites got a huge boost on Panda update like  NY times,Cnn etc.A confirmed news on money.cnn.com,-The Online Publishers Association, a group of content producers will get additional $1Billion annual revenue  by the the Google Panda algo update!

Google’s panda update   make “Big Boys” more  “BIG” but harms  enormously to the small business websites,real information providers..its becoming incredible!Few websites like: customer review website My3cents.com , a publisher of laptop repair how-to books and owner of the site FonerBooks.com got affected.Like if you are carpenter/plumber you are maintaining your website for years and providing a great tips for years,people having great trust on you,you could be downgraded by Panda…why?Because you have a solid content base  and several scrappers ..scratched your contents for years….is it reasonable?If FonerBooks.com is punished then what about Ehow?If Google cant identify the content origination then they should not count penalty randomly…without considering  few authority websites!People loosing their business,badly effected by Panda:http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Webmasters/thread?tid=76830633df82fd8e&hl=en but the thing is nobody is getting any feed back from G,and they are silent on the Panda update not even Matt Cutts…this is not expected from a company like Google.If you see the Google’s webmasters discussion forum you can find some medical research publisher got stuck…just imagine!

At the end  if “Google treat algorithm that way then people will be afraid to produce solid contents because if some one steal your content and awarded and you could be negatively affected”-Just a jokes a part!Lets see how panda fix the issues and produce the original contents on SERP not duped or scratched!And one thing is remarkable from this update..which is increasing the Click through rate,  for any online business which is significant improvements..and cheers to panda.Big “G” should run the additional layer with this algo before people out ranked from online business!Look at the funny video of Panda update,also published in State of Search

Yahoo introduces Search Direct for new dimension in search engine!

Yahoo introduces search direct feature as a beta version .Yahoo says its different technology they are using to provide search direct.While I read the story on search engine land,I was amazed by reading this and get into the new feature…honestly if this search version works properly, then this is the thing what I am looking for years on Google…while I type any question or query I need the direct answer short cut and search direct seems that much similar….

I made some test to compare with Google instant search With this new feature search direct of Yahoo search,I saw that Google is doing  much better at least at this stage rather than search direct…take a look:

This similar search I have done on Yahoo search direct(Beta), where I got absolutely nothing…

But I was amazed by Yahoo search direct while I did another test for query “8th president of the United States”

But I got in Google…By that I am much more impressed and got more desired result from Yahoo search direct…where I got the result faster than Google and at a glance…Hope it will work much much better than Google instant to some specific queries like weather,game scores etc..while it release the full version…. For years,people seeking the direct answer from search engines with out checking  hundreds of   relevant links and to get the quick answer at a glance and hoping search direct near to that feature…if that works correctly Yahoo search definitely get a boost to some extend and users can save there valuable time…

Right keyword turn your SEO investment ROI perfect!

For any successful SEO/Online Marketing campaign, perfect keyword identification is a major and expertise task.Lots of webmasters and business owners some time messed up the whole thing… 4 to 5 years back while people choose the keywords based on high search volume on and based on KEI(keyword efficiency index). KEI calculation=


sv=Monthly Search Volume

and KEI range 5 to 8 is used for best practice key phrases for SEO campaigns…but now this concept is becoming a bit mathematical instead of marketing sense where metrics stand on volume of data, but from our experience,today we know, if we need a solid keyword to get a online lead, we need to go for Visitor Experience Optimization(VEO) where data metrics are calculated along with search behaviors and psychological point of view, where actual marketing funda works!While we finalize our keywords for our SEO campaign we should have some sense by which we can hook targeted traffic along with sales lead instead trash web traffic.

To get correct keyword for your campaign you need choose a perfect keyword analysis tool(though,no tool is perfect),you can go for Google keyword analysis,semrush,and keyword spy etc….but its better to go with free and most reliable source that is Google keyword analysis tool, if your target market is  Google USA, or  your targeted market is Canada then go for Google Canada for keyword analysis and get the right one.and choose the perfect keyword based on your industry relevancy,competition and search volume.Industry relevancy is major factor for keyword..suppose you are marketing “wooden dining furniture” and we get the keyword analysis from Google.com is :

If we take a close look we can see “rustic dining room furniture” 480 USA local search where competition is 100% but  “dining table furniture” local search volume almost ten times but competition is much much less, so you need to identify your money-key which one get you the sales not only the traffic.Now the question can comes out that why that less search volume getting much more competition.. that is much more productive and targeted with based on search behavior..where the actual money lies…if you have good observation power you can find an unique and visitor friendly but less competitive and productive search term for your business..

So when you finalize your SEO campaign be focused on your keyword research to maximize your ROI.

rustic dining room furniture

Local search: a new dimension for businesses.

Local search playing a key role for today’s search engines,if your business is not visible to local search then you must be losing some good no of potential local businesses.While people search for a local reference for a service/product or query, they like to get in touch the local references instead of national one,like if you are looking for local lawyer or doctor definitely you will go for local recommendations…and search engine will display those results at the top spots which belongs to local ip or address based business on  SERP.

Google,Bing and Yahoo, every one understand the searchers requirement and insisted people to go for local search and emphasized it for more accuracy.Now the thing is how  can you make your website local search friendly?Here are few steps you can work with:

  • Submit your website to Google places,Yahoo local,Bing local,verify your local phone no. or mailing address via major search engines,for local listings.
  • Add your local phone number and mailing address to your contact us page and make sure all the page having a direct navigation to your contact page.
  • Submit your website for local directory submission like yahoo local directory,infoUSA and other popular local business directories
  • Try to insist your existing customers/clients to give your business a ratings or review online…weather its bad or good…grow the business reviews…
  • Try to add customer review section on your page and in-corporate Facebook,Twitter like/followers link.
  • Go for social reviews from local peoples from there Facebook and Twitter recommendations, which help you grow you local search visibility incredibly.
  • If your business based on multiple location, then make individual page for each location and then optimize it.

For an example what I am seeing if  I type “Orlando hair salon” on Google.com:

So by that way we can summarize, how local search impact even for organic search!So if you have a business and you are not accessible local search results, then you are missing the local business market.So go for local search placement and complete your search engine marketing program and grow your business online before your competitors kick you off.