Google confirmed Global Panda Update!

After Google’s panda update on 24th February,2011, they have launched Global Panda update today onwards for English search queries.For that search query will impact 2% on overall USA search queries, say’s Google’.s Amit Singhal.By last  Panda update rolled on from last February and which impacted 12%(unofficially it affects much more,I assume).

Google is trying to demonstrate that Google Global Panda update will give users more quality search results but its matter of fact that Google to some extent lost some valuable search results by addition of some poor ranking signals and few bad,non informative,thin sites got a boost and expected soon Google’s panda update will settle down deserving valuable website will get back their position, which is affecting continuously false positively since the Panda is running.Its reported that Google  incorporating user feed back  scores for ranking signals and which can derived by the user on Google chrome extension or directly from search results.This brings another spot point, another feed back manipulation spam will coming to the next time, and this signal can drive crazy for serp.

Another Big news coming that Bing is covering 30% powered share search,March,2011, according to Hitwise:Hiwise reported share of searches increases 6 percent;

Google monthly share of searches at 64 percent

If Bing takes on that way then Google will loose more search market, due to poor results and using few poor quality results on serp besides some good results and the results is proven through the search market:Another great prediction has been published on Mashable that if Bing improves that way then on 2012, Bing could dominate Google:

By that way searcher will get more option to find out their queries and it will be great if Bing speed up their serp,crawling rate etc.

A news Published  by Anirban Das,Zebra Techies,Affordable Online Marketing Agency,Calcutta,India


Big brands doing better after Panda-Icrossing reports!

On digital marketing arena Icrossing is one of the major online marketing player for years, they have top brands on their client list…,recently they published few research about their client SE ranking reports which they got after Google’s panda update.iCrossing having  clients like BMW,  Coca-Cola, eBay, FedEx, Hyundai, MasterCard, Nokia, Porsche, Toyota etc

Lets take a look  how their clients big brands got higher ranking after panda update according to Collin Cornwell is vice president of natural search at iCrossing.:

Where Page 1 ranks improved 18% and Page 1 placement improves 6.3%.

For Big time Banker:

Page 1 ranking has been improved near about 45%.

Big brands getting much more SERP establishment rather  smaller one, but one thing we know, few established website which may not be a such big brands, but they are well established for years on Google, playing a major key role to delivering high definition and valued contents for years, they got replaced by few thin web pages and few such brands got dominated….Its mater of  fact that big brands getting  improvements and got enriched via panda update,but the question is  always a big brand give you the right information or direction what a searcher looking for?I think,that’s not correct because several time a small and productive website provides much more better results rather branded website, thats the case where Google panda update need to be corrected and to get the searcher a right and satisfied search results,by minimizing the brand preference and providing the solid information.

How to study your competitors on SEO marketing?

When you are planning to get into the search engine market with your business/website,you should well concerned about your competitors.Without having an idea over your competitors any marketing strategy and get into the market is wrong concept!Specially when you are doing search engine marketing strategy for your business,where competitors study plays entry level key role!

First you have to understand who is your main competitors,why they are and how they are competing the marketing, the basic question is you have to find out before making a game plan for your search marketing plan.Now we have to set how can we measure up all those queries and how can we identify and read  their search engine marketing policies.

Here are few steps which I use to  while I get into the game plans for my clients search engine marketing strategies:

  • Find out some of your industry relevant  business keywords  which having great competition range on Google keyword research tool , I use to .9+ competing key phrases and make a list of those key phrases.
  • Then go with Google,Yahoo and Bing with those major key phrases and and try to find which one having top spots, which websites are coming so frequently on various relevant competitive keywords  make keynote for those websites.
  • After finalizing the competing  website, study them properly.
  • Website Design:Take a close look with the designs,color,back ground,layout,navigation and button placements.
  • Take a look what products/services they are showcasing
  • Study their content strategy,how relevant they are publishing  and products or services they are talking about so frequently,take a look if they are maintaining any blogs or not and the authors biography.
  • Go with landing pages, see if they are placing any observable points or not.
  • Take keynote of their web video’s,images what they are updating with there website.
  • Come to the source code(ctrl+u) and take look, they meta tags like:title tag,description,meta keywords, image alt tags,h1,h2,h3 tags, and make a note title tag and description,h1,h2,h3 tags for which main key phrases they are targeting for each and every landing pages.
  • You can use semrush,spyfu tools to identify your competitors,I like seomoz metrics for that.
  • After all one of the major part is back liks, which helped them to became market player.
  • Take a close look at there link metrics, what type of links they are making, which one playing the crucial role(like if you track my clients back link score,you can find links from dmoz,USATODAY,microsoft research paper or yahoo directory listing, listing),so you have to justify  which back links are valuable , if possible get some idea what kind of linking strategy you have to follow and you can implement your linking structure besides that,what your competitors are missing.I use OSE to determine the back links, you can use magistic seo,Yahoo site explorer to determine the back links.

Those are the basic points while you are making  a blue print for your organic search engine marketing strategy,besides that your innovative idea could be your “+” point.

Keyword rich domain or Brand domain after Panda Update?

For online business, getting a good domain name is a major factor for years.For SEO advantage people like to get the keyword rich domains instead of brand name, but even after panda update, is that  same scenario?After panda we saw several ranking signal has been updated and the  algo(its not a final one ,I do believe so) is running based on several ranking signals and we are seeing the that reflection on SERP.

On pre-panda effect  we saw that a keyword rich domains are getting a good preference for most competitive keywords even few of them having the value=BIG ZERO to the web or pure spam but after panda update we  are seeing less amount of poor quality keyword rich coming(though its not 100% perfect and lots of keyword-rich spam websites got a boost rather than solid information provider ) to search results on serp.Besides good keyword rich domain a good brand valued website coming to the search results.Though Google counts lots of ranking signals like domain authority,page authority,PageRank besides the traditional seo values to fix the ranking, so if you have solid keyword rich domain name which don’t have value to the user and search engine, then it will be trash property for you…besides that  if you have brand domain and you are a real information provider,real SEO scorer, then you will be winner…Take a look what Matt Cutts says on that issue:


So ultimately as we all know, if we are doing website user and search engine friendly and play with real tricks then domain name  is not a big deal to some extent where brand name or brand domain does the magic for long run.

SEO getting more social bound?

Google introduced the +1 recommendation last week  which enhance more and more social influences on search results.We know Google shows the tweets on regular SERP and some time real time tweets on search results for a long time.And after +1 addition its becoming a good question that SEO’s  are moving towards social media connection to get on good ranking signal on Google,Bing and Yahoo.According to the growing trend we all know, its the true fact.

Though Google’s Amit Singhal says the tweets are not counted as ranking signal for Google algorithm published on search engine land.But still its proved and we saw if a tweet comes from influential person or social profile or network, then its treated as valuable web signal for Google , Yahoo,Bing every major search engines.But its fact that social signal enhance the short time ranking factors only, for now, it has no effects on long time ranking(at least for Page 1) on Google.Tweets,Facebook likes, or any other social presence displayed on search results and a part  of  SEO,to some extend SEO have to move beyond the search engines by getting connection with social networks!Another nice social metrics for ranking  has been presented on seomoz:

Though a bit confusion with this stat for now,because we are not seeing any PageRank parameter on this infographic and besides Page Authority, PageRank should have a placement on priority listing before Facebook shares,otherwise Google PageRank domination could be minor factor for every one( I think so) and +1 d recommendation will be ranking element in near future!just a  guess!

Its a matter of fact that if you need to prove/establish your online presence/brand weather in search engine or any other places on the webs/digital media, you have to move with social connection!Its a good thing for the user as well, where people can rely on the website/brand which having much more active social presence….I guess social SEO is  future of online marketing!

Facebook “like” replaced by Google’s new social “+1” recommendation?

Google introduces “+1”  recommendation for the entire web, which displayed on Google results just like Facebook used like buttons to measure a website quality.Weather a adsense ads to Google organic results Google introduced the “+1” button on

Google “+1” is something which bring you the kind of voting or recommendation facility to the users.If you are log in to the Google account/profile you can participate or authenticate  hit the “+1” button and your recommendation will be displayed on Google search.What is Google +1 recommendation?Google says “Use +1 to give something your public stamp of approval, so friends, contacts, and others can find the best stuff when they search. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results.”Google is becoming more and more social and its huge signal for future search.Google have to move with social reliability and voting modulation besides Google PageRank formulation, the reason, PageRank factor decided  by Google ,but where user cant participate to authenticate the PageRank, so “+1” could be solution be a good solution.How  “+1” button works  here is the guide video




You can see your “+1” recommendation here on your Google profile:Can you use +1 button for even Google ads?Google says yes:

So from today onwards we will see another button will be incorporated for every well concerned web pages that is +1 button from Google besides the Facebook “like” and Twitters “Tweet” Danny Sullivan of search engine land wrote amazing article on the topic.Another social sharing button will in corporate the web:Social links is providing a valuation to the online users and to prove a website is valuable to the people, social presence plays vital role and search engine need need to incorporate some solid social signals to the ranking algorithm to prove a website valuable or not.Google is moving towards that direction and Google profile could be BIG competitor threat for Facebook, and Google footprints to much prominent on social network path.

Now we have to wait and see how Google +1 button effects the entire web world in terms of popularity,social networking and ranking signals.Lets see how Google take on Facebook that way or how Facebook fight back with this Social plug ins…..