Google introduces Multi-Channel Funnels in Google analytics!

We are using Google analytics for a long time to measure up our overall site performance and we are getting more and more amazing feature on our Google analytics account day by day.This time  in limited pilot Google introduces multi channel Funnels feature to Google analytics account where you can see your marketing channels work together to create sales and conversions.

Google say’sCurrently in limited pilot, Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics will show which channels your customers interacted with during the 30 days prior to converting or purchasing. Conversion path data includes interactions with many media channels, including clicks from paid and organic searches, affiliates, social networks, and display ads.

  • See which channels initiate, assist, and complete conversions.
  • Perform your own attribution analysis based on complete conversion path data.
  • Get out-of-the-box reporting, no complex configuration required.

Here is the details on Video:

How multi channel funnels works:

I would love see the new features and how its works for all the marketing platforms…hope it will give us  much better conversion idea and a time saver.I signed, do you?Then here is the sign up link:

Published By Anirban Das,Zebra Techies,Calcutta,India


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