Hubpage’s say’s Google why Youtube got boost & Hubpage’s demoted by Panda?

Google’s panda is giving rocking performance to  devalue some  quality website’s as we are seeing  for last one month.After Global panda up-gradation of Google ,makes the scenario worse for some websites and this  time HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson Google webmaster central thread wrote how Youtube got boost by the update they got impacted by Global Panda.Here is the details he wrote:

“What are the best practices for open publishing platforms due to the recent Panda update? In particular, where high quality content on a domain has been negatively impacted on average as much as any other content?  Is it a question of content moderation, site architecture, both or something else?

While we believe the democratization of publishing and earning potential is an important part of the progress of the Web, we want to avoid a situation where a portion of content negatively impacts the rankings of high quality content.  It appears HubPages has been impacted by this while YouTube has not, despite HubPages having a more strict content policy.  In Google’s view, what is the recommended moderation standard that open publishing platforms should enforce?

Open publishing platforms tend to use one of two domain models. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger organize mainly by subdomain, while HubPages and YouTube organize all the content under a single domain.  Is there a recommendation on the best practice for open platforms regarding architecture?

In an effort to give Google clues, HubPages’ internal linking structure promotes the best content.  For example, we program the “related articles” suggestions with content that we think users will find useful, and we submit sitemaps with a set priority so Google knows the most important content.  We also understand the challenges of fighting off spam, spun articles and various forms of attacks; we believe we do the industry’s best job of fighting spam in an open publishing environment where every individual can have a voice.

Feedback from Google on open publishing platforms best practices is greatly appreciated. “

And Google Panda feedback thread showing – showing 1849  post reply and its growing day by day,certainly which indicates,Google need to fix the Panda algo to some extend…

Few major sites like Digital Trends, lost the serp and they are demoted by there own content on organic search by there own content syndication partner which proves Google’s panda algo is not identifying the original content creator:

where all the content syndication partner(where they are maintaining Google’s guidelines for content syndication partner’s) are showing but its hard to find the Digital Trends original link on Page 1.Day by day we will find more more quality website which might be effected by the Panda upgrade.


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