SEO reporting format depends on Client status?

Last week I was reading an interesting article on seomoz, that gave some lights on my thought, how SEO reports varies from client to client prospect.If you are an early bird on SEO industry then you might have an experience how you have to maintain the reports from client to client.But if  we are going to maintain the same traditional SEO reporting format’s,then I must say that should be modified.

When a consultant/agency sign up a SEO client,if they are well revised with  reports based on the client status,then definitely it will be a bad impression.Because according to human psychology,every one having different opinion to see their website’s improvement or scoring factor’s.So basically we have to deal with classification of reports which suits the mold.Basically we  use three types SEO report format’s based on the client status,

  • Reports for non-tech savvy person/individual
  • Reports for a IT manager of company
  • Reports to the top most person of a company CEO,COO, Director or President.

So for non tech savvy client, we basically use simple reporting format which mainly focused overall rank improvements,traffic,the on page main changes,back links reports and a weekly phone call or chatting, to ask him if any problem to understanding the reports.

For IT Manager, most reporting should be illustrative,elaborated and with proper technical analysis.Basically it contains every single on page changes we made during the week with explanation why we did that,if we need to change any landing page color,text or any navigation or 301 issues-make a keynote for that,details analytic report(mainly Google) for a week, including bounce rate,traffic,source of traffic,geographical traffic analysis,which back links has been generated along with OSE reports which contains the PR,traffic estimates,trust authority,mozTrust of linking pages,variation of links and link correlation/dilute ratio.So that way he get the in details report of one week progress and one phone call meeting along with rank sheet.

For higher official’s like CEO,COO ,Director or President of company,generally they are extremely busy with their schedule,some time we didnt catch up that level/C-Level client with a month,so according to their status, they use to very short or jist of the report’s or updates at the end of the week.Where we only generate an automated rank sheet for the major search engines and estimated traffic improvements and the conversion rate and short phone message,highlight the key points for that specific week.

So that way if you maintain your SEO reports, then it will help you to make happy your clients by reporting format’s besides making links and getting top SERP,as I do believe so from my personal experience.

Published By Anirban Das,Zebra Techies,Calcutta,India


5 responses to “SEO reporting format depends on Client status?

  1. Excellent idea! Our own SEO provider has a similar technique, though he includes all in one file, with a short summary to start with, followed by major pagerank changes in the previous month/quarter/year to give a frame of reference and then a detailed report obviously directed at the IT people since it could be written in chinese as far as the CEO is concerned :-).
    Still, with the initial short summary, it gives enough clue to enable CEO to ask pointed quetion to the IT people and get a better picture of what is happening.

  2. While with another company we used to offer separate reporting packages for the various groups within a company (e.g. CEO versus IT). As you mention is helps each group understand to the level they want/need.

    Now, I deal strictly with real estate agents, so it makes reporting very easy in that I simply have one format. 🙂

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