Article post dates effects on Google Ranking?

Useful content publication is huge part of search engine ranking and web marketing state of mind.So every website, those who are concerned about the fact they use  to publish articles/blog post for a long time and they are benefited all the time,for credit of good content/article addition.

So while we are publishing articles on our website,Google bot see’s the date and on real time search results,it shows up, but after that it’s counted a organic search result, it will be demoted  if your contents are not good rather other publisher’s.To avoid that effect few  websites came up with a policy and they wont show the original article publication date to Google bot by using javascript, and after panda up-gradation  of those site got hit as posted by one of those webmaster on  WebmasterWorld .But is this a true fact,that Google will out rank your article if you hide the publication date after pandate(panda+update)?But in my opinion I don’t think its a ranking signal.Because what I use to see in my experience, when a article comes up with real time search to provide searcher most recent information,it will out rank you if your content is not liked by user’s for long time and it lose the ranking slowly,that place will be filled by authority domain article’s which is too near to your article content’s or searcher’s query.And personally I saw several thread’s while searching latest technical issue’s, which came from 2003 to 2004 discussion and out ranking the most recent discussion’s which might be came from less authoritative domain,which embarrassed, depressed me after Google’s panda update.So if you hide or publish the article’s it’s not a ranking signal at all…(I guess)if user’s are satisfied with that article and that page is  favorite for ever(page from a root authority domain) then your content will come up at first even after two year’s.Eventually its the best way to get serp for your article’s provide original/current article dates  which will be suitable for real time search, helps to grow a page and eventually a domain.

So,if you  publish the original date’s you are helping the visitor’s and which is credibility for your website,eventually you are reducing the spam which positive sign,so not only for gaining rank,to make web spam free its better we use original dates on our content, eventually in future you can gain search engine blessings as well..


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