Google’s Global Panda update hit Ehow this time!

After First Panda update we know we got a huge no. of losers and winners list from SISTRIX and Searchmetrics and again we got results of loser’s and winner of Global panda roll out which mainly rolled on UK(assumed), that shows this time Demand Media Ehow got stuck.

According to the First Panda update on Google USA,Ehow gained a huge according to Searchmetrics it was 13.6% gain:

According to data sheet they gained 19.7%, which make early debate on every webmaster’s forum, where we saw lots of webmaster’s were complaining Ehow is doing much much better than their original contents, few we saw on Google’s webmaster’s thread: so, its matter of fact Google got criticized over and over for Ehow performance butt after Google global panda update,Ehow got affected this time:From Searchmetrics data sheet they lost almost 50% visibility:

and according to SISTRIX data sheet where change is almost 84%

First 10 Loser’s are

# Domain Change SISTRIX (before) SISTRIX (after) # KWs (before) # KWs (after)
1 -84% 218,37 35,43 381.271 139.687
2 -78% 118,45 25,65 267.785 116.644
3 -79% 98,96 20,96 153.106 72.996
4 -77% 99,92 23,40 156.630 89.611
5 -72% 96,35 26,99 206.290 95.460
6 -81% 81,01 15,43 125.173 61.286
7 -79% 70,98 14,85 175.632 70.548
8 -82% 51,16 9,41 186.020 85.507
9 -80% 50,64 10,38 94.310 40.864
10 -78% 37,68 8,19 66.862 39.633


So its matter of  fact that this time Ehow got effected and its content are going down on Google search visibility.Another big impact over  got hit this time, which came from Microsoft,and one of  major Europe market player .I think Panda is not completed yet, and it will effect more and more time until its get settled, till we need to wait and watch the Google’s Panda movement…

A News published by Anirban Das,Zebra Techies,Calcutta,India


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