Google confirmed Global Panda Update!

After Google’s panda update on 24th February,2011, they have launched Global Panda update today onwards for English search queries.For that search query will impact 2% on overall USA search queries, say’s Google’.s Amit Singhal.By last  Panda update rolled on from last February and which impacted 12%(unofficially it affects much more,I assume).

Google is trying to demonstrate that Google Global Panda update will give users more quality search results but its matter of fact that Google to some extent lost some valuable search results by addition of some poor ranking signals and few bad,non informative,thin sites got a boost and expected soon Google’s panda update will settle down deserving valuable website will get back their position, which is affecting continuously false positively since the Panda is running.Its reported that Google  incorporating user feed back  scores for ranking signals and which can derived by the user on Google chrome extension or directly from search results.This brings another spot point, another feed back manipulation spam will coming to the next time, and this signal can drive crazy for serp.

Another Big news coming that Bing is covering 30% powered share search,March,2011, according to Hitwise:Hiwise reported share of searches increases 6 percent;

Google monthly share of searches at 64 percent

If Bing takes on that way then Google will loose more search market, due to poor results and using few poor quality results on serp besides some good results and the results is proven through the search market:Another great prediction has been published on Mashable that if Bing improves that way then on 2012, Bing could dominate Google:

By that way searcher will get more option to find out their queries and it will be great if Bing speed up their serp,crawling rate etc.

A news Published  by Anirban Das,Zebra Techies,Affordable Online Marketing Agency,Calcutta,India


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