Big brands doing better after Panda-Icrossing reports!

On digital marketing arena Icrossing is one of the major online marketing player for years, they have top brands on their client list…,recently they published few research about their client SE ranking reports which they got after Google’s panda update.iCrossing having  clients like BMW,  Coca-Cola, eBay, FedEx, Hyundai, MasterCard, Nokia, Porsche, Toyota etc

Lets take a look  how their clients big brands got higher ranking after panda update according to Collin Cornwell is vice president of natural search at iCrossing.:

Where Page 1 ranks improved 18% and Page 1 placement improves 6.3%.

For Big time Banker:

Page 1 ranking has been improved near about 45%.

Big brands getting much more SERP establishment rather  smaller one, but one thing we know, few established website which may not be a such big brands, but they are well established for years on Google, playing a major key role to delivering high definition and valued contents for years, they got replaced by few thin web pages and few such brands got dominated….Its mater of  fact that big brands getting  improvements and got enriched via panda update,but the question is  always a big brand give you the right information or direction what a searcher looking for?I think,that’s not correct because several time a small and productive website provides much more better results rather branded website, thats the case where Google panda update need to be corrected and to get the searcher a right and satisfied search results,by minimizing the brand preference and providing the solid information.


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