How to study your competitors on SEO marketing?

When you are planning to get into the search engine market with your business/website,you should well concerned about your competitors.Without having an idea over your competitors any marketing strategy and get into the market is wrong concept!Specially when you are doing search engine marketing strategy for your business,where competitors study plays entry level key role!

First you have to understand who is your main competitors,why they are and how they are competing the marketing, the basic question is you have to find out before making a game plan for your search marketing plan.Now we have to set how can we measure up all those queries and how can we identify and read  their search engine marketing policies.

Here are few steps which I use to  while I get into the game plans for my clients search engine marketing strategies:

  • Find out some of your industry relevant  business keywords  which having great competition range on Google keyword research tool , I use to .9+ competing key phrases and make a list of those key phrases.
  • Then go with Google,Yahoo and Bing with those major key phrases and and try to find which one having top spots, which websites are coming so frequently on various relevant competitive keywords  make keynote for those websites.
  • After finalizing the competing  website, study them properly.
  • Website Design:Take a close look with the designs,color,back ground,layout,navigation and button placements.
  • Take a look what products/services they are showcasing
  • Study their content strategy,how relevant they are publishing  and products or services they are talking about so frequently,take a look if they are maintaining any blogs or not and the authors biography.
  • Go with landing pages, see if they are placing any observable points or not.
  • Take keynote of their web video’s,images what they are updating with there website.
  • Come to the source code(ctrl+u) and take look, they meta tags like:title tag,description,meta keywords, image alt tags,h1,h2,h3 tags, and make a note title tag and description,h1,h2,h3 tags for which main key phrases they are targeting for each and every landing pages.
  • You can use semrush,spyfu tools to identify your competitors,I like seomoz metrics for that.
  • After all one of the major part is back liks, which helped them to became market player.
  • Take a close look at there link metrics, what type of links they are making, which one playing the crucial role(like if you track my clients back link score,you can find links from dmoz,USATODAY,microsoft research paper or yahoo directory listing, listing),so you have to justify  which back links are valuable , if possible get some idea what kind of linking strategy you have to follow and you can implement your linking structure besides that,what your competitors are missing.I use OSE to determine the back links, you can use magistic seo,Yahoo site explorer to determine the back links.

Those are the basic points while you are making  a blue print for your organic search engine marketing strategy,besides that your innovative idea could be your “+” point.


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