Keyword rich domain or Brand domain after Panda Update?

For online business, getting a good domain name is a major factor for years.For SEO advantage people like to get the keyword rich domains instead of brand name, but even after panda update, is that  same scenario?After panda we saw several ranking signal has been updated and the  algo(its not a final one ,I do believe so) is running based on several ranking signals and we are seeing the that reflection on SERP.

On pre-panda effect  we saw that a keyword rich domains are getting a good preference for most competitive keywords even few of them having the value=BIG ZERO to the web or pure spam but after panda update we  are seeing less amount of poor quality keyword rich coming(though its not 100% perfect and lots of keyword-rich spam websites got a boost rather than solid information provider ) to search results on serp.Besides good keyword rich domain a good brand valued website coming to the search results.Though Google counts lots of ranking signals like domain authority,page authority,PageRank besides the traditional seo values to fix the ranking, so if you have solid keyword rich domain name which don’t have value to the user and search engine, then it will be trash property for you…besides that  if you have brand domain and you are a real information provider,real SEO scorer, then you will be winner…Take a look what Matt Cutts says on that issue:


So ultimately as we all know, if we are doing website user and search engine friendly and play with real tricks then domain name  is not a big deal to some extent where brand name or brand domain does the magic for long run.


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