SEO getting more social bound?

Google introduced the +1 recommendation last week  which enhance more and more social influences on search results.We know Google shows the tweets on regular SERP and some time real time tweets on search results for a long time.And after +1 addition its becoming a good question that SEO’s  are moving towards social media connection to get on good ranking signal on Google,Bing and Yahoo.According to the growing trend we all know, its the true fact.

Though Google’s Amit Singhal says the tweets are not counted as ranking signal for Google algorithm published on search engine land.But still its proved and we saw if a tweet comes from influential person or social profile or network, then its treated as valuable web signal for Google , Yahoo,Bing every major search engines.But its fact that social signal enhance the short time ranking factors only, for now, it has no effects on long time ranking(at least for Page 1) on Google.Tweets,Facebook likes, or any other social presence displayed on search results and a part  of  SEO,to some extend SEO have to move beyond the search engines by getting connection with social networks!Another nice social metrics for ranking  has been presented on seomoz:

Though a bit confusion with this stat for now,because we are not seeing any PageRank parameter on this infographic and besides Page Authority, PageRank should have a placement on priority listing before Facebook shares,otherwise Google PageRank domination could be minor factor for every one( I think so) and +1 d recommendation will be ranking element in near future!just a  guess!

Its a matter of fact that if you need to prove/establish your online presence/brand weather in search engine or any other places on the webs/digital media, you have to move with social connection!Its a good thing for the user as well, where people can rely on the website/brand which having much more active social presence….I guess social SEO is  future of online marketing!


3 responses to “SEO getting more social bound?

  1. If I can add a bit to perhaps clear things up.

    I am running a linking test using anchor text to link to a deep page. (An article). I have placed 60 links on 43 different domains. All linking pages have relevant content.

    Adding a link to FaceBook did not make a difference in my SERPS
    Tweeting did not make a change.

    However having my link retweeted did.

    It moved from #24 to #1 and stayed there for 9 days before sinking back to #24.

    Hope this helps.

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