Facebook “like” replaced by Google’s new social “+1” recommendation?

Google introduces “+1”  recommendation for the entire web, which displayed on Google results just like Facebook used like buttons to measure a website quality.Weather a adsense ads to Google organic results Google introduced the “+1” button on Google.com.

Google “+1” is something which bring you the kind of voting or recommendation facility to the users.If you are log in to the Google account/profile you can participate or authenticate  hit the “+1” button and your recommendation will be displayed on Google search.What is Google +1 recommendation?Google says “Use +1 to give something your public stamp of approval, so friends, contacts, and others can find the best stuff when they search. Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want them, in your search results.”Google is becoming more and more social and its huge signal for future search.Google have to move with social reliability and voting modulation besides Google PageRank formulation, the reason, PageRank factor decided  by Google ,but where user cant participate to authenticate the PageRank, so “+1” could be solution be a good solution.How  “+1” button works  here is the guide video




You can see your “+1” recommendation here on your Google profile:Can you use +1 button for even Google ads?Google says yes:

So from today onwards we will see another button will be incorporated for every well concerned web pages that is +1 button from Google besides the Facebook “like” and Twitters “Tweet” Danny Sullivan of search engine land wrote amazing article on the topic.Another social sharing button will in corporate the web:Social links is providing a valuation to the online users and to prove a website is valuable to the people, social presence plays vital role and search engine need need to incorporate some solid social signals to the ranking algorithm to prove a website valuable or not.Google is moving towards that direction and Google profile could be BIG competitor threat for Facebook, and Google footprints to much prominent on social network path.

Now we have to wait and see how Google +1 button effects the entire web world in terms of popularity,social networking and ranking signals.Lets see how Google take on Facebook that way or how Facebook fight back with this Social plug ins…..



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