Google becoming more social?

Google becoming more and more social.For last two years  Google showing the tweets as search results but now its becoming more social bound too some extend.From Last year onwards we are seeing Google showing the “social circle” on SERP if we logged into the Google account,though its just a beta version.

On social search Google displays contents,videos,images from your social circle.Suppose you are looking for good Chinese restaurants on Google,and one of your Facebook/twitter friend liked/tweets about any Chinese restaurants then Google will share that FB likes/Tweets on result page.

Now the question rise why Google becoming social?The simple thing is user like to get recommendation from his friend instead of robotic results, that is much more proven and reliable to go with . Today’s world social engagement is a major part on the web,finding a job to finding restaurants ..people likes the social engagements.Google, already integrated with all the major social networking databases(Twitter,Facebook etc) to show the social effects on search results.Even after Google panda update for any long term question Google is showing the Forum discussion threads on relevant topics,which is another big spot for social engagement(though few search result threads are too much back dated,which is horrible part of panda update).Google Reader all ready working as social channel.Take a look how Google social search works:

Google social search results will be much more popular  in future for near future and people love to take on full version of  social search.


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