Right keyword turn your SEO investment ROI perfect!

For any successful SEO/Online Marketing campaign, perfect keyword identification is a major and expertise task.Lots of webmasters and business owners some time messed up the whole thing… 4 to 5 years back while people choose the keywords based on high search volume on and based on KEI(keyword efficiency index). KEI calculation=


sv=Monthly Search Volume

and KEI range 5 to 8 is used for best practice key phrases for SEO campaigns…but now this concept is becoming a bit mathematical instead of marketing sense where metrics stand on volume of data, but from our experience,today we know, if we need a solid keyword to get a online lead, we need to go for Visitor Experience Optimization(VEO) where data metrics are calculated along with search behaviors and psychological point of view, where actual marketing funda works!While we finalize our keywords for our SEO campaign we should have some sense by which we can hook targeted traffic along with sales lead instead trash web traffic.

To get correct keyword for your campaign you need choose a perfect keyword analysis tool(though,no tool is perfect),you can go for Google keyword analysis,semrush,and keyword spy etc….but its better to go with free and most reliable source that is Google keyword analysis tool, if your target market is  Google USA, or  your targeted market is Canada then go for Google Canada for keyword analysis and get the right one.and choose the perfect keyword based on your industry relevancy,competition and search volume.Industry relevancy is major factor for keyword..suppose you are marketing “wooden dining furniture” and we get the keyword analysis from Google.com is :

If we take a close look we can see “rustic dining room furniture” 480 USA local search where competition is 100% but  “dining table furniture” local search volume almost ten times but competition is much much less, so you need to identify your money-key which one get you the sales not only the traffic.Now the question can comes out that why that less search volume getting much more competition.. that is much more productive and targeted with based on search behavior..where the actual money lies…if you have good observation power you can find an unique and visitor friendly but less competitive and productive search term for your business..

So when you finalize your SEO campaign be focused on your keyword research to maximize your ROI.

rustic dining room furniture

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