Local search: a new dimension for businesses.

Local search playing a key role for today’s search engines,if your business is not visible to local search then you must be losing some good no of potential local businesses.While people search for a local reference for a service/product or query, they like to get in touch the local references instead of national one,like if you are looking for local lawyer or doctor definitely you will go for local recommendations…and search engine will display those results at the top spots which belongs to local ip or address based business on  SERP.

Google,Bing and Yahoo, every one understand the searchers requirement and insisted people to go for local search and emphasized it for more accuracy.Now the thing is how  can you make your website local search friendly?Here are few steps you can work with:

  • Submit your website to Google places,Yahoo local,Bing local,verify your local phone no. or mailing address via major search engines,for local listings.
  • Add your local phone number and mailing address to your contact us page and make sure all the page having a direct navigation to your contact page.
  • Submit your website for local directory submission like yahoo local directory,infoUSA and other popular local business directories
  • Try to insist your existing customers/clients to give your business a ratings or review online…weather its bad or good…grow the business reviews…
  • Try to add customer review section on your page and in-corporate Facebook,Twitter like/followers link.
  • Go for social reviews from local peoples from there Facebook and Twitter recommendations, which help you grow you local search visibility incredibly.
  • If your business based on multiple location, then make individual page for each location and then optimize it.

For an example what I am seeing if  I type “Orlando hair salon” on Google.com:

So by that way we can summarize, how local search impact even for organic search!So if you have a business and you are not accessible local search results, then you are missing the local business market.So go for local search placement and complete your search engine marketing program and grow your business online before your competitors kick you off.



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