Search Complain boom on Google for Auto,Food & Financial services!

Recent study of  Web Liquid Group search complain has boom on Google search,they made a study with basis of Google adwords tool, the news made story line on search engine land by Matt McGee .The the graph  indicates that automotive brand Toyota having the front face for  Google complain search .

Then the major brands comes with electronic segment and Food services.When the scenario comes on complain search queries based on brands,where Financial services got hit and booked the top spots

and complain queries from mobile devices Food services got a hit on their reputation.

The fact is automotive industry is ruling among the complains search queries on Google, and how its affects the search engine market and how its dominating big brands reputation online…another strong industry might be enlighten and didn’t take on account is medical and health industry…it would be nice if we can measure up some medical complains through online..and how its impact on search engines…we would like to see more for that industry data sheet to track down the big brands online reputation.You can down load the full version of the case study of web liquid group from here.Also track your own brand reputation across the web for better business branding through single complain can hamper your online reputation,go for reputation management services.


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