“SEO” turn it to a solid marketing channel!

With out any marketing methodology a business cant be successful to achieve there maximum momentum.And a potential marketing modulation can reach you sea of SUCCESS and worthless marketing methodology or planning ruined your business to hell…..Now the point is which marketing module should you consider?That depends on how much budget you have and what type of product you want to sell for…and where you want to market your product….(or you can consider as 4p’s  marketing fundamentals).Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine optimization is proven marketing channel on today’s digital world….

Search Engine Marketing is started approximately early 2000 , when Google  just came to the search market with their unique concepts…and within few years Google became the search giant and worlds No.1 website and search engine marketing and search engine optimization got a rocket speed up to establish as a most effective & affordable  marketing channel…The reason behind the speed up success story of search engine marketing is ROI..the return on investment…where investment is minimum but return is observable….Search engine optimization is process by which you can expect huge amount of targeted traffic to your website and which convert into sales..If you are a small business man, if you have website..and cant be found on Google,then its worthless to the world…Today, search engine optimization not only used for ranking , but its equally important to manage and maintain your brands online reputation…

Google can get your brand a solid identity and marketing exposure.Google is becoming smarter than your thought to refine there search results and reduce the spam…so before sign up any search marketing strategy,be sure that your SEO techies..are well practiced with their white hat strategy..one single spam/scam can turn off your online business.


4 responses to ““SEO” turn it to a solid marketing channel!

  1. I cannot agree more.
    With the proliferation of businesses fighting to be in the the top spots, and given the importance of the resulting qualified traffic, proper SEO needs to be done. -> HIRE A PRO!!

    If anyone is looking at hiring a SEO firm, look at their current results.
    This is the only true metric.


    • well said..Reg..that’s what I always refer to my clients…make a phone call to the existing clientele and then choose the right one…client’s feed back is biggest scoring factor…

  2. hi, I read your many articles, all are great. This is another good article. However SEO should handle very carefully and it should not be the solid channel to promote our business due to it is totally depend on search engines, referrals such as social media marketing, affiliate marketing will be good alternatives to work together.

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