Google’s PageRank back links SEO-keyrole, even after Panda update?

Google running the Farmer algorithm from last week of February, and it has great impact over the web world.Several major players are stuck by the algorithm without any reason and every one is trying to identify what is the issues, where Google is devaluing their works which gained after several years hard works.Some of  are complaining about adsense, some of the websites bounce rate and some the content issues…but still we are digging the real fact.

But for sure high PageRank links are still prior to Google algorithm, if you are producing a solid PageRank back links, you could be the winner.I am seeing several cases where good and high valued PageRank back links are the strong signal being ahead of every thing.Logically if  Google counts for Facebook like button pages or tweet up buttons pages, then PageRank will be de-emphasized, that will be boomerang for Google.Here is great story for Farmer algo affected people on Search engine Land.But for my calculation still PageRank  works better for SERP  and inner page is getting less value over MFA created domain name(where for some  cases,rate of information is BIG ZERO) which is bad part of this Panda update.Another great story published on webpronews “Suite101 CEO Writes Open Letter to Google’s Matt Cutts

If you are still looking for a good ranking factor, I will recommend you to go high PageRank and quality links for your website evn after the latest Google algorithm change.


3 responses to “Google’s PageRank back links SEO-keyrole, even after Panda update?

  1. Nice article. Completely agree with the view. After-all it is the delivering the better quality search results to the User and for that Google has fixed the points as a signal that it considers the importance (Page Rank). So, no doubt Page rank & quality backlings are the things to be focussed & these kind of algo change don’t have much impact on rankings. This time “Farmer Update” & last time we saw the “Caffaine Update” with no major changes.

  2. Everyone who tries to promote a website online understands that we need to get quality links for our websites. The question is how to get them “legally”.

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