Google’s Farmer algo affects innocents!

Since Google is running a Farmer Algorithm last week, it has done some mess across the web world and which affects the major and original sites a huge rather than the scrappers.We can see most of the major players are shouting against Google incomplete out fit algorithm change which unable to identify the originals.

Mainly to reduce the spammy contents from the SERP, Google algorithm has affected the original content  contributor’s randomly,after seeing this post some of the gainers might shout but what about the major players on the web?They got affected on their revenue, if Google is changing the ranking signal they should notify the guidelines or instructions before hammering the innocents.According to Amit Singhal interview with that ““Therefore any time a good site gets a lower ranking or falsely gets caught by our algorithm — and that does happen once in a while even though all of our testing shows this change was very accurate — we make a note of it and go back the next day to work harder to bring it closer to 100 percent.””That signifies that Google algorithm is not producing the approx accurate results  and if they had test round with the algo before implementing then why this mistakes and statements comes from a company like Google,its not a matter of jokes, its matters of people’s earning and profession.Another question is raised that after publishing the story on, Cult of Mac,which is affected badly by the algo, its back in SERP and re-gain the traffic?Here is the details ”

UPDATE: Tuesday 8:45 PM Pacific – The interviews for this story were done on Monday. Kahney wrote in to say that his site suddenly recovered its Google juice Tuesday a.m. before the story ran.

“The site is miraculously back. Everything looks great. I’m wondering if it was you talking to them, but it was back in the index pretty early this AM,” Kahney said.”Now the points is Google is manually considering this collateral damage, but its impossible for search giant like Google or they are just biased the Big brands or business relations?

Finally we can realize that, Google should incorporate something to Framer algorithm layer to identify the real websites, which having Good positive reviews and doing business for years and having peoples trust, should get back their deserving post for their helpful contributions on the web with out providing the scrappy unauthorized websites from SERP.Google has started another thread, you can make a complain if your original website affected by this algorithm change: , again I am expecting that after some slicing and dicing valuable websites will get back their position.


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