Irrelevant links can penalize your website!

While we are making back  links for our website, we should concern about the fact that we are making only industry relevant links or it can be penalized by the Google.As we know Google is very particular with relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness.While we make plans about our search engine promotions and back linking strategy we should more focused on link relevancy, it should not hamper either any way  Google guidelines.

I am pulling this topic once again:why?The reason is JC penny got penalized by making irrelevant and black hat link schemes, by this month and Matt cutt clearly tweet about the facts and Google has made some algorithmic changes on January(Not confirmed from Google yet).

So we should aware about the fact weather Google is counting us as Black hat links or not?To ignore this type of  penalization, we should follow the Google guidelines and where relevancy is one major factor.So while you are making any links  like, forum, directory, articles or book marking or high PR web 2.o links from competitors websites, you should maintain your relevancy, that it looks natural more organic.Another point that should not use any automated link generation schemes like,ie; unlimited blog comments,forums posting or directory submissions by using automated software,generate those links manually,because Google algorithm is intelligent enough to catch that weather its automated or manual/organic.

Make those links which cant generate a organic search effects by maintaining the relevancy and follow Google guidelines to avoid unnecessary penalization or bad reputation just like Jc penny got make sure your SEO provider is educated enough to make your link building strategy.


2 responses to “Irrelevant links can penalize your website!

    • suppose if you post post your pest control website link to real estate or any non subjective website, you place a link on poker website… will be irrelevant link…Google can consider certain amount of irrelevancy but not a huge…

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