Mobile version of a website create duplicate content issue for Google?

Here is a great question on Matt Cutt’s desk is “Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?”And this question turns on our queries on mobi SEO because duplicate content is sure penalization for Google ranking algorithm.While we do any mobi seo , we should aware about the fact, weather this page having any duplicate content or not.

According to  Matt Cutt  that if we use and different url version of  our website like: having mobi version:, thats good practice for mobile website of regular website.Google bot having user agent crawls the mobi websites by which  Google bot understand that its  mobi version of main website, that will not considered as duplicate content.

Another point that can hamper the Mobile SEO which is cloaking.So make sure we should not use cloaking methodology while we optimize our regular and mobi web.


5 responses to “Mobile version of a website create duplicate content issue for Google?

  1. Why have two websites?

    When we developed our CMS we created it so that it would automatically deliver the same content via different templates depending upon the user agent.

    If an iPhone user turns up on our clients’ websites, then the system automatically determines the templates to use, it delivers the optimised and small images, css, etc, but it continues to deliver from the same domain name.

    We thought this a sensible approach and it undoes the problem of delivering two sets of content to the google bot.

    • Hi,I can understand that if some one types any query from Google mobile, they will directly goes to mobi version of the website, but I think if we make two different URl then it will be helpful to for Mobi SEO because mobile search engine algorithm is a bit different from regular one..for some specific search’s..we saw some different linking structure works for two different versions of search engines!.

      • I have a question regarding duplicate comments on a wordpress mobile website. I don’t know if you can help me, but here is the issue: When a comment is posted on my wordpress mobile site, users are given a duplicate comment error message without having posted a duplicate comment. In order for that user to post post a comment, he or she must refresh the page. Sometimes after refreshing the page he/she sees that his/her comment is there on the page.

        Any ideas?

      • Hi,whtlime
        Thanks for your queries…I will try to help you out…but let me give some information…is that your blog url you have Akismet installed?
        If not then install it, and remove it..”akismet_auto_check_comment” from the plug in…let me know…if the issues resolves or not we will get into the details…

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