Title Tag: How much importent for SEO?

To make a perfect on page optimization  title tag plays a major key role.Some time we get confused how to implement  title tag for our web pages and how much beneficial it is for  search engine visibility.Perfect  title tag creation is a good SEO practice.

Now come to the point what is  title tag?Title tag which describe the page definition which we use to see top of the internet browsers.Like:

Now  we have to know that what is the specification and guidelines to create the a meta title.

  • Title tag should not cross 100 characters
  • Title tag used for 8 to 9 key phrases(depends on size of key phrases,spaces are countable)
  • Ignore same title repeating,you can use plurals(but suggested specified keyword rich inner pages)

How its effect on search engines?Most of the major search engine follow  title tag and emphasize to fix the ranks and determine the page value.If your targeted key phrase is “online schools”, you can put it on  title tag portion for specified landing pages, to get the best results…How we see the meta title on the search engines?

So the fact is while we create any website, search engine friendly we should make a proper  title tag to get the best SERP with corresponding search terms.


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