Long tail keyword optimization:simple way to get targeted search engine traffic!

While we make budget for  Search Engine Optimization or marketing for our business, some times we cant afford the budget,because the costing for high search volume First Degree key phrases, because more competitive keyword equals ,you have to pay more to get the the strong back links  to get the rank.But there is few solutions to cut your budget which suits your pocket and get the targeted search engine traffic to your website one is Long tail keyword optimization policy and another one local search term optimization.

Here is some story behind the long tail keyword optimization:

While you choose your keywords for long tails keyword optimization do some keyword research(using free Google keyword research tool or any other reliable and reputed  keyword research tool)  and then get into the search volume and generate that.Try to finalize more than 100 long tail keywords, according to the search volume.Then create solid contents/articles based with those long tail keywords and update your website.The more content or article with based on long tails keyword enhance the SERP and which generates the most of the search engine traffic…here is graphical presentation on seochat for long tail keyword traffic:

So, that graph clearly indicate that most of the traffic is generated from the long tails keywords, so while we put any articles or content  by using proper meta tags on our website or blog that encourage our long tail keyword optimization strategy.For an example a truck driving company can get into the long tail  keyword like “trucking companies that train drivers“, where search volume is decent but competition is less on Google.

Another strong point to check your Google analytics account and go through with traffic source and choose any search engine and take look for which long tail keywords brings you the traffic, and if you are not well ranked for that keyword but still you are getting traffic , then make some links and get the rank for that specific long tail search term and get most of the visitors.

Most important part , it will not give you high costing, the thing you need to in corporate is create long tail keyword specific content and make few links and get the rank and maximize your search engine visibility.


3 responses to “Long tail keyword optimization:simple way to get targeted search engine traffic!

  1. This is good to optimize natural listing in very realistic way. It is better to optimize many long tail keywords than trying so hard to optimize most competitive keywords. we have experience the huge results with long tail optimization

  2. You are so right about using long tail keywords and staying away from the keywords that have millions of competitors trying to rank on Google’s first page using them. Great points and good refresher ideas as well.

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