Google search more refined interms of spam results!

Google’s results is less than half what it was five years ago as stated by Matt Cutt, in terms of English-language spam.. Google reduces the  spam results specially for English websites from the search results.We can see lots search effects from the caffiene update, and its being doing more refined and effective for users.

For the time being refined mainly highlighted on two points one is using automated or content firms content to promote your website and another one is reduce the hacked site from the search results.For highly keyword rich web content is pure spam.On his blog post Matt says “As we’ve increased both our size and freshness in recent months, we’ve naturally indexed a lot of good content and some spam as well. To respond to that challenge, we recently launched a redesigned document-level classifier that makes it harder for spammy on-page content to rank highly. The new classifier is better at detecting spam on individual web pages, e.g., repeated spammy words—the sort of phrases you tend to see in junky, automated, self-promoting blog comments. We’ve also radically improved our ability to detect hacked sites, which were a major source of spam in 2010. And we’re evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content.”

From this we should have more focus to create valuable content for our web and that should be human edited less keyword centric and informative one to get better SERP.Another strong point which I am considering the link quality which we are making, it should comes from the quality content rich websites.Also we should not apply any automated,self  blog comments to make the link,it could be dangerous for SERP

Google claims that  its producing more effective results but some how Google is still indexing the spam results  and  its still producing the fake results, here is great example on seomoz .Now we have to wait and see that how Google re-act on content farms and spammy blog commenting.Where as Google is more bound to terms of relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness for SERP.


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