Empower your web content to leverage your SEO strategy!

After Google’s MayDay update, everyone noticed one fact that “content” is one of the important part to get your website SEO perfect.In a word if quality links is the King then Content is Queen for Search Engine Ranking(specially Google) algorithm.Now the points comes across that what type of content we should create while we are much concerned about our SEO strategy?

While we care our website content we should focused on some specific points like:productive,informative,unique,fresh,relevant and human edited contents.If cross check most of the Top ranking website on Google, we can find that most of them having a good content strategy besides a powerful linkage enhancement campaign.Now point comes how we can create a effective content?

  • Create specific keyword rich landing page having a enough content bound to that relevant product/service page.
  • Update your website with special occasional period like new years eve,valentines day,Mothers day, woman’s day,Christ mas offers.
  • While you update any content page or upload any new content you should edit the meta tags of the page(essential part).
  • While you launch any new product or new services , that gives you chance to create fresh content of it.
  • Also you can upload your content with pdf or doc file on your web,which enhance the content strategy.
  • Better to use a support blog, and update at least once in week with some fresh contents.Use your blog to write about tips,helps,news, events much more thing which leverage your content .
  • Add testimonials and user review section and obviously blog comment portion.
  • Encourage readers to write a review or comment about your post
  • Try to create easily understandable contents
  • Create a solid title of your page or content, that attracts most of viewers attention
  • Create sentence not more than 10 to 12 words
  • Create paragraphs/introduction for two to four lines
  • Before posting check the spelling of the contents.

What is the benefit of Content strategy?Few are:

  1. Google likes fresh content to empower your search engine ranking.
  2. Most important thing fresh and unique content enhance the long tail keyword optimization strategy, take a look what Matt Cutts speaks about that:
  3. Fresh content integration comes to Google’s real time search which privilege our SERP
  4. A good content can create link bait
  5. Another part is that it re-produce solid contextual links which is priceless!

To leverage our search engine optimization strategy , we should update our website frequently, with potential contents.Blog integration with your website, is another great part to enhance the strategy.


One response to “Empower your web content to leverage your SEO strategy!

  1. great points. agreed with you most relevant content on landing page is highly effective. we have seen good results when we improve the each landing page with most relevant content and more simple content , easy to understand it great way to optimize each page

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