How do you/your business communicate with your Social Networks?

Social Media Marketing is a essential  key factor for today’s online  marketing world.But their is a BIG question how we are communicating or participating to social networks?Lots of people/business having thousands of Facbook friends/Fans,Twitter followers, Linked In followers, but due to their lack of social networking communication skill , they are losing a decent business from social media or social networks!

If you have  social media profile, which create a community and represents your business.So while we are entering on the social media we should utilize this valuable marketing tool in a proper manner.If we take a close look we can find common people do not like over-communication and under communication.We have to maintain the balance with out annoying/embarrass our social circle.

Here is few tips we can follow to make healthy & wealthy social networks:

  • Always actively participate on social networks
  • Communicate when some one becoming friend or fan,get introduced(please do not make a sells speech,it will bounce back!)
  • Ignore trash/Spam/Fake user from your network(better remove them to avoid unnecessary spam postings)
  • If some one having any problem and you can solve the issue, solve it.
  • Share informative/blogpost/video/image which is helpful to others.
  • Use like/re-tweet button if you like any comments(its a good felling to know someone likes your comments,use it)
  • If you are right with your decision/thought,you should speak directly in front of people
  • If someone in your networks having birthday or any special occasion wish them
  • Sportingly participate  on humerus thing(please make a balance!)
  • If you know some one is good on his profession promote them…
  • Talk about your profession and your in-depth knowledge
  • Speak if you have a good deal/offer(but please dont come up within a minute,its irritating)
  • Ask questions, see the response rate, its good part for communication
  • If you have something informative share it without hesitation
  • Share your success/winning moments
  • Dont act like trash user
  • Maintain the balance between over-communication and less-communication
  • Out of ten updates one could be effective promotional speech(10:1 ratio)

Do not ignore your social networks, it could be good recommendation for your brand and your business.Utilize the social media to your valuable marketing resource.Engage your brands to social media marketing for more business.



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