New improved Google search for music videos!

Google is showing video results since 2009 for search queries, what’s new on that?The interesting fact is that Google’s new search results shows the best video results for the search query, it will  display the youtube video link along with other major video sharing websites which are most relevant and obviously SERP algorithmically advanced!

So, we can see Google is recommending the other popular video channel links along with Youtube video links.On Friday blogpost Google speaks about this  Better results for music videos, where Google says “People often come to Google to find music videos, and this week we improved our results so now when you’re searching for your favorite band or album, you’ll find popular clips organized in a new way. For example, search for [michael jackson] and you’ll find some of the King of Pop’s most famous videos, including clear text indicating the length of the video, the album and the year it was published. The feature scans the entire web for video content and algorithmically ranks the best sources for each song. Rather than return repetitive links, we group results for the same song together, making it easier to scan and choose the song you’re looking for. Try searching for [green day], [maroon 5] or [beyonce] (for one of the best videos of all time!).”

The results signifies that another strong signal for Google SERP algorithm  is video liks, that should well distributed other popular video channels besides Youtube.Here is another post How to turn your Video as part of SEO effort.So its basic part that we should have a video presence for our valuable business website to qualify for good ranking on Google.And a good video presentation plays dual key role on for SEO and another for social media branding.


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