Social Media Marketing:Which sites you are using?

Social Media Marketing is an essential part of marketing strategies.Now we have to focus which social media we are getting most benefit?Obviously Twitter and Facebook plays major key role, but is that enough for the Social Media? I think we should think for other social networks besides Twitter & Facebook.

According to, is 10th and Facebook is 2nd website based on traffic estimates.But there is lots of other social media marketing channels which are productive one for social media marketing campaigns!Here is twitter and facebook traffic estimate graph from

Social Media Marketing can be classified with some categories like:

A]Social Networking Sites

B]Professional Newtroking sites

C]Video sharing sites/channels

D]Blogging sites

E]Image/Document sharing sites

F]Q/A sites + Forum

G]Social Book Marking sites

For Social Networking Sites the sites we are using:






6.Perf Spot


8.Four Square


Now come to the point Professional Networking sites we are using:





5.Entrepreneur Connect

6.Fast Pitch

7.Networking for Professionals




11.Live Person

Video sharing sites is great channel to for social media marketing which u can find here

Blogging sites:,,,

Now come to the point Image/Document sharing sites:




and for document we use:

DocStoc , Scribd , Slide share

For Question/Answering sites we are using:

1.Quora and

2.Yahoo answering


and the last but one of the Major Marketing part is social book marking sites which we are using(mainly for content distribution):

Last year stubmpleupon and reddit got huge boost on traffic with the other social networking sites…

So, according to the survey all social networking sites  got a huge boost on traffic on last year onwards and according to that we should incorporate the social media marketing strategy with our online marketing strategy.This year got best social media customer service award from Mashable..Another interesting story that me catch your attention on Seomoz by Rand Fiskin.

Another Good part of social Media marketing is forum participation which we are producing a good result for our clients .Hope our social media marketing strategy will help you grow your business and if you have  any other good resource which we are not using , please notify us for better performance…





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