Guest blogging a great way to promote your business.

“Business Promotion” is major part of any businesses.Several marketing channels and business promotion are available on the market,but which one is best in terms of cost and good methodology to reach maximum number of people?Today I am going stretch some facts about “guest blogging” which is a effective online marketing channel, with zero investment.

Basically two types of guest blogging are used A]Use guest blogger to your own blog B]Go to others blog and contribute as a guest blogger.

Some major benefits of guest blogging:

  • Guest blogging increase traffic to your website which possibly turn into potential customers!
  • Increase the PageRank as its pass the PR to your website from the hosting blog.
  • If you are sharing your content or writing for a average popular blog it stays on the home page for a long time which is great to attract more people to your writing.
  • If you allow guest to write on your business/personal blog , automatically you will be updated with a fresh content which allow you comes on the search engines with several queries,so it will boost traffic,fresh contents
  • Most of the blogs having their RSS feed subscribers , that way articles or your editorial voice will reach to the maximum people.
  • Guest blogging allow you introduce your self or your business, which enhance your reputation, your services or your products which is a great part.
  • Guest blogging allow you to grow your networks and community participation.
  • If your blogs are attached with social networking sites, you will get a huge boost by the social network sharing, interesting part is majority of the user who likes your “voice” share it to their own social circle and your  business will be promoted!
  • Guest blogging enhance your brand reputation
  • A great way for link building policy,guest blogging earns a good number of  no-follow and do-follow both links, which emphasize the SERP and the rank of the website!

Guest blogging is great tool for small businesses where people do not have so much budget but they have potential products and services, it allows to market their brand.Every blogs having their own guide lines to accept the guest blogger writings, so read the guidelines carefully while you are sharing your contents to other blogs and for your own blog you can create your own terms to accepting a guest writings!In a way guest blogging simplest way to promote your services or product or brand by your self (DIY marketing method).


One response to “Guest blogging a great way to promote your business.

  1. While I agree that guest blogging is a great way to build brand awareness, in my experience, it is not always the best lead generation tool, which Anirban seems to have emphasized by placing it first on his list of reasons why you should guest blog. I have been blogging (as a paid guest blogger) for Network Solutions for over a year now and have yet to land a client as a result, even though my blog posts get republished on other sites and shared via social media. But for building experience, credibility, and thought leadership, it has been (and still is) a great gig for me!

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