Google TV comes up with a new partner in this new year!

Last  year Google tv comes up partnering with Sony and Logitech, as we know, but this year Google TV comes up with a new partner named Vizio .This year Google claims the Google TV feature will be more promising and reliable…

Rishi Chandra, Google TV Product Manager, says on Google TV blog “Today I’m excited to share that we’re kicking off the year with a new partner, Vizio,
a leading TV maker in the U.S. Vizio is making a new line of TVs and a
Blu-ray player incorporating Google TV that will hit shelves later this

in 2011, we plan to bring developers tools for building applications
specifically for the TV and living room, and we plan to bring Android
Market to Google TV, so consumers can download thousands of applications
to their TVs. Check back in with us periodically to see the latest from
our team and partners.”

So that signifies  that Google Tv comes with better presentation and sooner marketer have to move with the Google tv optimization strategy!


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