Are you concerned about your landing pages for better ROI?

Conversion rate of your website depends on your landing pages;believe it or not?Yes landing pages are the key of every successful online marketing strategy of today’s market.Now the question comes what is landing page?Landing page is some thing where people or a crawler comes to visit weather its home page or its a inner page.

But the point is when we are going to promote any product or service through a webpage then we should focus on landing page..we should focus what we are promoting and what information we are providing on the landing page.Suppose if some one is looking for “fancy jewelery”…then we should land those visitor to a page which specifically defined and well described about “fancy jewelery”.If  the visitors wont find any good information about the product on that specific landing pages then it will not convert as customer and its bounce back . In terms of PPC campaign if we are not focused about our landing pages then we will waste our money.So for organic and PPC campaign or any email marketing or banner ads marketing landing pages are key factors.Where most of the marketers made the mistake they wont produce the important information first, which results the visitor bounce back and the website becoming non productive .You get some good information webpronews where search mojo president is suggesting about a small form on every landing pages, form should easier and smaller one.

Even you make a test for PPC campaign on home page or specific landing page for particular product then you can see better conversion rate on landing pages even its applicable for organic seo(in organic seo landing page should bound with some specific contents).

Even for the Facebook advert, landing page are key factor for the better conversion.


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