USA people goes to social media and internet for medical information,than online pharmacy

On a survey organized by Accenture, they found a important information for the online medical industry.92% people looks for medical helps or medical information to the medical website, medical advisory website, social networking sites online communities rather than pharmaceutical sites regular drug selling website.

“Pharmaceutical companies that embrace innovations such as social networking and communications via mobile devices and integrate and align their communication strategy across multiple channels will be positioned to have a much greater influence on their patients’ choices and consequently, realize significant increases in revenue, profitability and sustained competitive advantage,” said Tom Schwenger, global managing director for Accenture’s Life Sciences Sales & Marketing practice.

“The survey results clearly show that pharmaceutical companies must adopt a better understanding of their patient behavior through sophisticated analysis in order to fully capitalize on how patients interact with social media channels and websites,” said Schwenger.

“With only 11 percent of survey respondents saying they most often use a pharmaceutical company’s web site to seek information about an illness or condition when looking online, pharmaceutical companies have a tremendous opportunity to better connect with patients through multiple digital venues in addition to their own website.”

The survey states that 69% people expect that online pharmacy should provide relevant information about there disease and medical queries.

That trend makes a sense that consumers are more comfortable in other resources rather than pharmacy websites to purchase the medicine  or consultation, the reason is pharmacy website are not being well organized in terms of customer satisfaction.

What should do Online pharmacy stores:They should provide healthy information about their medicine, they should maintain a blog where they put there update about their medicine, provide relevant  information..mention what the side effects , what are the benefits etc.Also they should provide a online support where a buyer can get instant live chat support or expertise help while they are purchasing any medicine or looking for any information.They should be more visible to social networks where a comm0n people can address them quickly and in a more reliable way.

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