How to make your online store more productive and trust worthy?

When common people looking for a product online or they trying to buy some thing online, they need some trust worthy websites or e-stores get hooked their product.If your e-store product cost $5 to $25, then you do not need worry so much to make trust factors for selling products online, but think about:if you are selling a digital camera , or LED tv or some Gold jewelery or some costly wrist watches…then?You should concern about winning the customers trust factors to make your website more productive and profitable.

The online -store or stores are getting much competitive, specially those who are involved in small business, where you need to work such factors where you can bit our competitors.

Website presentation:Your website should be well decorated and sophisticated in terms design according to your selling product, which attract the people and make such feeling they stay at the website and attractive navigation convert the traffic to the other product pages.

SEO Fact:As we no these days people use to buy much more products through online by using Google rather than any other marketing tool weather its social media or any other search engine like Bing or Yahoo, so we need to make our SEO perfect and we need to visible very often with our relevant product query through Google search, by coming again and again which creates a brand value and makes sense..that your website represents such brands thats why you are coming again and again on Google.

Try to optimize relevant landing page which is similar to your targeted search phrase which will increase the sell,according to survey. and technically that will reduce your bounce rate..which is good.

Shopping Cart:Your shopping cart should be 100% accurate and try to use reliable one.I use Magento these days which I like most.In shopping cart page While customer fill the form you should make Live chat button , emergency number,if any problem happens they can communicate you directly., these points make trusty feeling among the customers.

If you are selling a cheap product then your normal shopping cart is okay but if you are selling some valuable products then you should aware about the fact consumers should feel comfortable while they shop.

Other trust factors:If your e-store you some verification from some re-know company like Verisign,Trust e or secure server(https), those signs makes cosumer trust online

Social Networks:If you have strong presence across the online like Twitter, Facebook Linked In, that creates some trust values as well….ie if you have 5k followers in twitter, if you have 500followers on Facebook and you hundreds of fans of your e-store that will help to grow rather than your com,competitors.

Hope these information will help you turn your online business in solid ROI.

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One response to “How to make your online store more productive and trust worthy?

  1. Two powerful ideas…actually 3

    1. Makes your shopping cart look exactly like the rest of your online store…if someone is sent to a unfamiliar page, there going to run away.

    2. Testimonials on the side bars, you can get these from following up with your clients.
    Ask them what they think, what they like or dislike. A person that has a connection with you, that knows you care, is less likely to want a refund. Bottom line, less refunds and more social proof from your customers.

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