Press Release creation and distribution:Good way for brand promotion.

These days while you market your website or market a new product you should focus on relevant content distribution specially news and press release which describes your brand properly.

While update a new information about your product in a news format and then distribute it on several PR channels on the web, the common user can easily find that from search engines or directly.If you are a online store keeper you can make a special offer news often and that can drive the targeted traffic to your website  and that increase the selling ratio as well.By syndicating your Press Release or news several websites, you will get bonus valuable links along with the unique visitors.

Take a look how people using the PR sites into conversion tools:

See the red marked lines which are used for generating links.

This type of contextual links are much more better than other crappy,shitty paid links it looks natural and effective to the search engines.

Some essential Press Release  sites are: Requires ‘’ link format        (1072 global, 757 US) Free link in Contact Box                              (11,746 global, 5803 US) Free link in Contact Box                           (7650 global, 7475 US) Allows Logo & requires ‘’     (7901 global, 8788 US) Fully imbedded website    *Editors Top Choice!*         (11,239 global, 9297 US) Allows Anchor text                              (21,883 global, 9501 US) Allow Hyperlinks                               (7379 global, 10,405 US) Posts within 1 business day                               (13,963 global, 14,363 US) Submits to Google news, user friendly html menu *Editors Choice!* Very good Google search visibility                (22,576 global, 16,791 US) <a href=’http://www.Site’></a>      (23,813 global, 21,140 US) Direct submit                                        (25,813 global, 33,585 US) (21,989 global, 35,963 US) (45,169 global, 49,422 US)

Hope this information will help you , try to implement Press Releases and promote it for better visitors.

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