How to turn your Video as part of SEO effort?

From last year December onwards we saw that Google(according to Caffeine) is showing Video result on there SERP for most important and competitive keywords which helps the common users to find their desired query through audio- video.I saw it on several unique results.This result signifies Google is counting that how many Video you have for your business and website…that makes practical sense.

Now the question comes how can you utilize your simple video for SEO?

When you make your video, try to use some informative video contents on your video, which specially describe your targeted key phrase.Then you need to share all those video from various and popular free video channels by proper tagging.

Some popular Video sharing sites are:

Video Sharing Site Page Rank
Google Video 9
BrightCove 8
PhotoBucket 8
YouTube 9
DailyMotion 8
iFilm 8
Break 7 7
GrindTV 7
Metacafe 7
Myspace 9
Vimeo 7
BuzzNet 6
LiveLeak 6
Stupidvideos 6

Now the important part is how to use and share your video to these free channels by using proper tags.

  • Title – Title tag is SEO this is crucial to optimising on the video promotions sites.You need to keep it below 120 characters help your video get found. And the Title tag should be your targeted key phrase which you want best SERP on Google.
  • Description – Try to add your video description which express your title and content of the Video.The description should not more than 1000 characters , that will be better also if you wish you can use your website url along with the description for better promotion.
  • Tags – This tag portion is also important for relevant key phrase which is similar to your video, use as many relevant keywords on that section

If you share your video with more and more video sharing sites, not only you will popular your video ,but also Google will give your website extra credit for that and you will in best place for SERP.Try to implement the strategy you will be the winner.

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