Online store can implement Walmart Facebook marketing starategy!

If you see the Walmart’s Facebook page you can see that how they are involved with they are implementing there Facebook page turn it to a effective marketing tool.

Click this link here and you can find how they are doing or using the Facebook “crowd saver” page with branding their latest or hot deals.

with that page you can see Walmart is saying ”

We’re putting you in charge of lower prices.
If enough people Like this deal, we’ll make it happen.

Thats a interesting thought , that they are increasing there fan numbers as well they makes their customers happy.Just like todays deal is done with 1500 likes and they sold the Halloween photograph mugs.By making this things ..they creates such interest among the fans and customers to come back again!

Simply you or your e-store can use this same starategy, you dont need to be such big brand like Walmart!But still you can make this happen!

Affordable Social Media Marketing BY Zebra Techies


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