Yahoo answering:A good way to promote your website!

Yahoo answering  a good way to promote your website or brand this days.If you are a close observer then you know that all the search engines showing as a search result of  yahoo answer thread.We saw this search effects from last year or so but last couple of months its becoming huge, that means Google,Yahoo and Bing is giving such preference those who are using Yahoo answering.

Question:Why Search engine gives more preference to Yahoo answering?

The simple answer is search engine trying to produce much more practical, common peoples thought and social networks effect on search result, to give the users more quality and useful results.

Yahoo already introduces the mobile version of yahoo answering, so its quite simple while you do yahoo answering in a fashionable,easiest manner. While you do yahoo answering your website or product or your services are emphasized with yahoo answer readers which is a brand endorsement.But you should keep in mind your answer should be informative and accurate.

There is some points segment on Yahoo answering ie;

  • Answer a Question = 2 points
  • Log in to Yahoo! Answers Once Daily = 1 point
  • Vote for an Answer = 1 point
  • Get voted as “Best Answer” = 10 points

So there is all ways a scope to showcase your expertise and your services.Also by that you will get targeted audience those who are specifically looking a for a solution, you could be the winner and your brand get the endorsements.

So, keep participating Yahoo Question and Answering!



3 responses to “Yahoo answering:A good way to promote your website!

  1. Hi there.

    If one had no budget for the usual methods and means of improving rank and traffic, what could be done to improve SEO?

    Listings are done strategically, articles and participation in blogs. But in South Africa it seems that unless you pay for sponsored links, adwords and other SEO products, you dont have much chance of getting out there in searches.

    Any advice?

    • In terms of organic search if you want better ranking or better SERP, I will say you do not need to buy any links, but you need to study and research how can you generate the natural links,
      Suppose content is king this days and if you create a unique and informative content and distribute it several articles, news , press release distribution websites which are free and get one or two back links to your website that will be great effort, currently we are holding no 1 position for few keywords where competition almost more than 15millions, believe me, we didnt used a single paid links, but still we are at no1 position for last 8months.
      The thing is you need focused on content, social book marking, embedded text links, social networking participation, forum participation, if possible do some video marketing along with the content,
      blog participation,create some info-graphics,submit to some business directories, some local quality directory sites..etc.Just need to be more focused what type of linking you can create organically.

  2. Good quality answers build a huge knowledge data base in many diverse topics and the whole ethos of the internet is to help others enjoy a better search experience. Yahoo Answers offers participants the opportunity share their knowledge and show their expertise.

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