Are you making your website for Television?

Are you making your website for audio, video media yet?If not its time for that.Because if you have brand which represents a brand product or services but you are not visible on search engine TV channels then your marketing strategy is incomplete.You should work on that.

All ready we all know that Google introduces the Google tv channel which is fully web browser supported on TV.Google it self is talking about you need make your website TV compatible and need to do optimization for TV.

“Because Google TV has a fully functioning web browser built in, users can easily visit your site from their TV,” says Google Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye. “Current sites should already work, but you may want to provide your users with an enhanced TV experience — what’s called the ’10-foot UI’ (user interface). They’ll be several feet away from the screen, not several inches away, and rather than a mouse on their desktop, they’ll have a remote with a keyboard and a pointing device.”

Also we all aware about that fact Yahoo will introduce there TV channel very soon and all ready they announced it officially.So TV is direct communication system to your targeted audience or customers we should me more re-productive on digital media through our web presence.So let move on for TV optimization and build your website TV compatible.


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