what will be Gen y search engine?

According to recent study, Google , Yahoo and Bing will might not be search engine popular services any more.
Why I am saying this?
According to recent study Facebook is worlds No.1 website this days and most of the online visitors are online most or spare there times online on Facebook as recent study says.

Another point is its human nature that people wont carry the same thing for long time like we wont take same food , we wont take same dress style for long time being, because people get bored(even the delicious food and best style gizmo it is) with that and
and people need the changes and variation of daily routine other wise human nature or nature of living going to saturated.
For this reason people will be bore with the top search engine like google , yahoo and bing, people will replace it by there nature.

Now the question arise who will replace the search engine:
My answer is social media sites
By the growing population of twitter and facebook will be biggest competitor for the search engine, might after some years we will find people in Facebook or twiter instead of search engine like Google, Bing.

Another some people who understand the Google is sponsoring the results in top of the page that s make bad impression into the people, people asking about the clarity of google search so with the mater of fact facebook search and review will gives the real consumer a effective impact rather than any other recommendation like google search , and media adds, because social media gives the results where people talk about the services or business or products.
So might be we can see, Facebook and twitter comes and replace the search engine concept.
Hope you think about my prediction give your reviews as well.


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