Now a days some of the free lancer s and some seo companies are doing automated article syndication, book marking , blog commenting and directory submission as well for saving some work effort and time and money as well.But the problem is that search engine do not allow automated and software publication work specially Google identify that kind of work is BLACK HAT SEO and if any search engine robot can identify that you are doing automatically article writing and publishing them to article directories to promote your website as well business then you can face penalty if you are caught.Remember that this days search engine robots can easily catch up weather it is manual work or automated work so be care full about using software publication or automated article submission and creation.
Now a a question arises that how a search engine robot can identify the automated work or manual work?
May with this question you are thinking that you can blank the robot but my dear friends the search engine can get the data from the browser history because each and every publication contains a browser history where your history means you are a robot or human being each every thing recoded and search engine robot can decode it and identify that one…so there is lots of scope to catch your unhealthy seo works and your work result will be nil!

So when ever you are optimizing your website say no to automated or software publication because its is not a proper way.You can even experiment that some one is doing small amount of optimizing work with manually like directory submission, book marking, article creation and syndication and blog commenting but you are doing a massive work automatically targeting the same keyword same search engine…you can identify within three month your score and your fiends score who is doing manually work.

So when you try to optimize your website I will suggest do a little bit of work thats work but DO NOT TRY ANY SOFTWARE TO GENERATE THE LINKS..I am telling you its a biggest threat for your website in terms of ranking to search engines.

How you will identify some one is claiming that he is not doing the automated publication?
1. You have to watch the guy” most of the time its not possible because you are busy with work.
otherwise most of the automated software using company or free lancers offer a massive number of submission in terms of directories, articles, book marking and blog commenting
with a very small amount of price and you got attacked with there packages you go into the trap… do some manual and natural work by your self so with out using some



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